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MIYATA Shigeru



Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Food and Nutritional Sciences
Bioscience and Biotechnology (graduate school)
Center for Registered Dietitian Practicum Support
Graduated Nagoya University, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
Degree Dr. of Agriculture, Nagoya University; Dr. of Medicine, Kagawa University
Academic Institutional Membership Japanese Society for Microbiology
Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
Field of Study Molecular Microbiology
Research, Studies Study on bacterial virulence factors
Curriculum Specialized Microbiology I, Microbiology II, Applied Microbiology, and Food Safety

Academic Papers, Critique

“A single injection of the anabolic bone agent, parathyroid hormone-collagen binding domain (PTH-CBD), results in sustained increases in bone mineral density for up to 12 months in normal female mice” Calcif Tissue Int. 91: 196-203 (2012).

“Treatment for chemotherapy-induced alopecia in mice using parathyroid hormone agonists and antagonists linked to a collagen binding domain” Int J Cancer. 131: E813-E821 (2012).

"Development and characterization of a xylose-inducible gene expression system for Clostridium perfringens" Appl Environ Microbiol. 77: 8439-8441 (2011).

"Identification and characterization of a putative endolysin encoded by episomal phage phiSM101 of Clostridium perfringens" Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 90: 1973-1979 (2011).

"Monthly administration of a novel PTH-collagen binding domain fusion protein is anabolic in mice" Calcif Tissue Int. 88: 511-520 (2011).

"Development and application of a method for counterselectable in-frame deletion in Clostridium perfringens" Appl Environ Microbiol. 77: 1375-1382 (2011).

"High-level production and purification of clostripain expressed in a virulence-attenuated strain of Clostridium perfringens" Protein Expr Purif. 76: 83-89 (2011).

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