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TODA Kaoru


Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Physical Therapy
Center for Physical Therapy Practicum Support
Rehabilitation Sciences (graduate school)
Biomedical Sciences (graduate school)
Center for Community Affairs
Graduated Nagoya University College of Medical Technology
Degree Ph.D in Medicine( Doctorate by way of Dissertation)(Nagoya University)
Qualification Physical Therapist, care manager
Academic Institutional Membership Japanese Physical Therapy Association
The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
The Japan Diabetes Society
Field of Study Evaluation in Physical Therapy,Community-based Rihabilitation
Research, Studies Deep Sensory
Curriculum Specialized Evaluation in Physical Therapy,Community-based Rihabilitation

Academic Papers, Critique

Mesurement of vibration sense using a speaker and body parts characteristics of lower limb vibration sense. The Japanese Jornal of Physical Therapy, 53:1039-1043, 2019

Relationship between the fracture caused by afall and decline of sensory function -Comparison of patients with proximal femoral fracture and the general elderly people- The Journal of Japan Osteoporosis Sciety 5:43-50, 2019

Age-related Interrelation of Vibration Sens by Tuning Fork in Normal Subjects.Life Health Sciences Bulletin14:65-68, 2018

The trial to evaluate vibration sense by loudspeaker. Life Health Sciences Bulletin14 :69-72, 2018

Problems for Resident Continuation of the Elderly in Kozoji New Town -Influence by the Difference in the Styles of Housing-. Japan city Society Annual Report 50:171-177, 2017

Neighborly companionship of the Elderly in Kozoji New Town-Analysis of the Consciousness - .Life Health Sciences Bulletin13:60-76, 2017

Educational effect of intergenerational exchange activities for students aiming for rehabilitation professionals. Rehabilitation Education and Research22:272-278, 2017

Development of the therapeutic exercise service to metabolic syndrome prevention and an improvement - Examination of the intervention effect which used exercise instruction and nutrition instruction together -.Life Health Sciences Bulletin9:70-74, 2013

The prediction of Knee Flexion ROM after Total Knee Arthroplasty. Rigakuryoho Kagaku 26(3): 411–415, 2011

Current status of medical care and facilities surrounding child and adult with physical disabilities - from survey for child and adult with physical disabilities dwelled in Kasugai city - .Life Health Sciences Bulletin6:9-17, 2010

Advanced trial for prevention of take care of elderly person at professional hospital of local area.Life Health Sciences Bulletin6:37-48, 2010

The research related to region and home elderly health promotion and rehabilitation - status report of Kasugai City -.Life Health Sciences Bulletin6:1-8, 2010

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