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UEMURA Kazuhide


Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Physical Therapy
Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
Center for Physical Therapy Practicum Support
Biomedical Sciences (graduate school)
Graduated Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University.
Degree Ph. D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Qualification Pharmacist
Academic Institutional Membership The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research
Field of Study Pharmacology, Pathobiochemistry
Research, Studies Roles of mammalian lectins in inflammatory diseases
Curriculum Specialized Pharmacology, Biochemisry

Academic Papers, Critique

“Antioxidant Effects Of The Hydroxyl Groups In The Simple Phenolic Carbazoles.” Hieda Y, Hatae N, Anraku M, Matsuura N, Uemura K, Hibino S, Choshi T, Tomida H, Hori O, and Fujioka H. Heterocycles, 92(1), 120-132 (2016)

“Sairei-to Ameliorates Rat Peritoneal Fibrosis Partly through Suppression of Oxidative Stress.” Kitamoto M, Kato K, Sugimoto A, Kitamura H, Uemura K, Takeda T, Wu C, Nogaki F, Morimoto T, Ono T. Nephron Experimental Nephrology 117: e71-e81. (2011)

“Lipopolysaccharide-triggered acute aggravation of mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis through activation of coagulation in a high IgA strain of ddY mice.” Shimosawa M, Sakamoto K, Tomari Y, Kamikado K, Otsuka H, Liu N, Kitamura H, Uemura K, Nogaki F, Mori N, Muso E, Yoshida H, Ono T. Nephron Experimental Nephrology 112: e81-e91. (2009)

“Tissue factor and factor V involvement in rat peritoneal fibrosis.” Saito H, Kitamoto M, Kato K, Liu N, Kitamura H, Uemura K, Nogaki F, Takeda T, Mori N, Ono T. Peritoneal Dialysis International 29: 340-351. (2009)

“Serofendic acid protects from iodinated contrast medium and high glucose probably against superoxide production in LLC-PK1 cells.” Kitamura O, Uemura K, Kitamura H, Sugimoto H, Akaike A, Ono T. Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 13: 15-24. (2009)

“Roles of Pofut1 and O-fucose in mammalian Notch signaling.” Uemura K, Stahl M, Ge C, Shi S, Tashima Y, Stanley P. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 283: 13638-13651. (2008)

“Soluble fibrin formation in the mesangial area of IgA nephropathy.” Liu N, Mori N, Iehara N, Uemura K, Fukastu A, Kita T, Matsuda M, Ono T. Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 11, 71-76. (2007)

“The Na+-excreting efficacy of indapamide in combination with furosemide in massive edema.” Tanaka M, Oida E, Nomura K, Nogaki F, Fukatsu A, Uemura K, Yashiro M, Kimura T, Muso E, Ono T. Clinical and Experimental Nephrology 9, 122-126. (2005)

“Superoxide production from human polymorphonuclear leukocytes by human mannan-binding protein (MBP).” Uemura K, Yamamoto H, Nakagawa T, Nakamura K, Kawasaki N, Oka S, Ma BY, Kawasaki T. Glycoconjugate Journal 21, 79-84. (2004)

“Antitumor activity of mannan-binding protein.” Nakagawa T, Kawasaki N, Ma BY, Uemura K, Kawasaki T. Methods in Enzymology 363, 26-33. (2003)

“Preparation of recombinant mannan-binding protein with a native oligomeric structure.” Uemura K, Ma BY, Nakagawa T, Kawasaki N, Kawasaki T. Methods in Enzymology 363, 16-26. (2003)

“Role of mannan-binding protein, MBP, in innate immunity.” Nakagawa T, Ma BY, Uemura K, Oka S, Kawasaki N, Kawasaki T. Anticancer Research 23, 4467-4471. (2003)

“High mannose glycans and sialic acid on gp120 regulate binding of mannose-binding lectin (MBL) to HIV type 1.” Hart ML, Saifuddin M, Uemura K, Bremer EG, Hooker B, Kawasaki T, Spear GT. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 18, 1311-1317. (2002)

“L-MBP is expressed in epithelial cells of mouse small intestine.” Uemura K, Saka M, Nakagawa T, Kawasaki N, Thiel S, Jensenius JC, Kawasaki T.

The Journal of Immunology 169, 6945-6950. (2002)

“Tail-vein injection of mannan-binding lectin DNA leads to high expression levels of multimeric protein in liver.” Vorup-Jensen T, Jensen UB, Liu H, Kawasaki T, Uemura K, Thiel S, Dagnaes-Hansen F, Jensen TG. Molecular Therapy 3, 867-874. (2001)

“Recombinant expression of human mannan-binding lectin.” Vorup-Jensen T, Sorensen ES, Jensen UB, Schwaeble W, Kawasaki T, Ma Y, Uemura K, Wakamiya N, Suzuki Y, Jensen TG, Takahashi K, Ezekowitz RA, Thiel S, Jensenius JC.

International Immunopharmacology 1, 677-687. (2001)

“Antitumor activity of mannan-binding protein in vivo as revealed by a virus expression system: mannan-binding proteindependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity.” Ma Y, Uemura K, Oka S, Kozutsumi Y, Kawasaki N, Kawasaki T. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 96, 371-375. (1999)

“Characterization of human serum mannan-binding protein promoter.” Naito H, Ikeda A, Hasegawa K, Oka S, Uemura K, Kawasaki N, Kawasaki T. The Journal of Biochemistry 126, 1004-1012. (1999)

“Metabolic properties of normal and mutant mannan-binding proteins in mouse plasma.” Naito H, Ma Y, Uemura K, Arano Y, Kawasaki T. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 256, 231-234. (1999)

“A unique CD45 glycoform recognized by the serum mannan-binding protein in immature thymocytes.” Uemura K, Yokota Y, Kozutsumi Y, Kawasaki T. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 271, 4581-4584. (1996)

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