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TACHI Norihide


Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Nursing
Center for Nursing Practicum Support
Biomedical Sciences (graduate school)
Nursing (graduate school)
Office for the Coordination of Clinical Practicums
Graduated Nagoya University, Graduate School of Agriculture
Degree Dr. of Medical Sciences, Nagoya City University
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Society for Occupational Health Japanese Society for Hygiene, etc.
Field of Study Public Health, Occupational and Environmental Health, Ergonomics
Research, Studies Work-related fatigue, International cooperation in occupational health, Smoking or health
Curriculum Specialized Public Health, Health Administration

Books Published, Translation

Stress Scale Guidebook, Public Research Foundation (Tokyo), 2004

Selected Topics in Surface Electromyography for Use in the Occupational Setting: Expert Perspectives (translation), Institute for Science of Labour (Kawasaki), 2004

Academic Papers, Critique

Achievement of the POSITIVE (Participation-Oriented Safety Improvement by Trade union InitiatiVE) activities in the Philippines. Ind Health 44:87-92, 2006

Approaches to occupational health based on participatory methodology in smallworkplaces. Ind Health 44:17-21, 2006

A case study on evaluations of improvements implemented by WISE Projects in the Philippines. Ind Health 44:53-57, 2006

Effects of shift schedules on fatigue and physiological functions among firefighters during night duty. Ergonomics 48: 1-11, 2005

Short or continuous social stress : Suppression of continuously available ethanol intake in subordinate rats. Behavioural Pharmacology 12: 335-342, 2001

Effect of cigarette smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation by gravid rats on the conceptus weight. Bull.Environ.Contam.Toxicol 31:85-92, 1983


Eencouragement Award, Section of Occupational Hygiene and Erogonomics, JSOH, 2011.

Ryokujuji Award (Green Cross Award), JISHA, 2018.

Social Activities

Representative, the Japan Society for Occupational Health

Councilor, Human Ergology Society Japan

Active member, the International Commission of Occupational Health

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