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ITO Kayo



Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Management Synthesis
Business Administration (graduate school)
Academic Institutional Membership Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies(JP), The Japan Association of Economic Geographer(JP), Japanese Society of Engineering Education, The Japan Section of Regional Science Association Internatinal(JP), Reginal Science Association International(other), Japan Economic Policy Association(JP), Kyushu Keizai Gakkai(JP)
Field of Study Environmental Management,Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics
Research, Studies Standardization(Environmental Management Systems, Grapical symbol for the use on equipment, Education for standardization, Environmental Management,Environmental Policy, Industrial Policy
Curriculum Specialized Environmental Management Systems, Seminar, English
Contact Mail
Telephone number:+81 568 51 9968

Books Published, Translation

ISO14005, ISO/TC207.SC1, ISO,12.2010

Academic Papers, Critique

Environmental Management Systems for the Public Sector --- Green procurement and the promotion of environmental activity in local companies. International Journal of Public Affairs, Chiba University (Kayo ITO, Bulletin of Universiti Institutes, 2006) vol.2 / , 89-101

Japanese University set Example for Educational Sector, ISO Management Systems: ISO Geneva (Kayo ITO, Other), 2006, 39-43

Situation of Environmental Management Systems in the Japanese Public Sector. Journal of Economic Policy Studies, Japan Economic Policy Association (Kayo ITO, Acade Journal, 2003) Vol.1 / No.1.2 , 49-78

Evaluating Environmental Management Systems for the Public Sector: A Case Study of Minamata City, Annuals of the Japan Association of Economic Geographers,Japan Association of Economic Geographers (Kayo ITO, Academic Journal, 2003) Vol.49. / No4 , 354-376

Environmental Management Systems for Public Sector, Local Government Japanese Case, The 11th International Symposium, The Secretarial of the PRSCO of the RSAI on SpatialInteraction, Revitalization and Sustainability, (Kayo Ito, Academi Journal, 1999) /

Environmental Management Systems for Public Sector, The 36th Annual Meeting of Japan Section of RSAI Abstracts (Kayo ITO, Academic Journal, 1999) / , 192-199

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

"Student oriented Education about standardization: Chubu University" ICITE for SD 2015, Chubu University 2015.

"Protect Your Company" Workshop of Children and Youth Forum at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (3WCDRR)/Toolbox for Resilience workshops/ Tool 4(Investing in Resilience). Tohoku University.

Education on Standardization,Case of Chubu University 22st session of the UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6)

Utilize Lesson from Minamata for Biodiversity Education, Tripartite Environmental Education Network(TEEN) Workshop, Sino Japan Friendship Environmental Protection Centre, Beijing. March 16 2011

Environmental Management Systems for Higher Education: Case of Chiba University. ISO/TC207 Green Olympics Forum and Workshop(GOD'S07), Environmental Management, Beijing,China (Verbal Presentation), 2007

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for Small and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs):Japanese Approaches, 10TH Anniversary Workshop of ISO/TC207/ SC1 Sharing International Experiences of Implementing ISO 14001. ISO ITC Sheraton, New Delhi, India (Verbal Presentation), 2006

Environmental Management Systems for public sector, 45th Congress of the European Regional Science Association Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Verbal Presentation), 2006

Evaluating Environmental Management Systems for the Public Sector: A Case Study of Minamata City, The 14th International Symposium of the Secretariat of the PRSCO, RSAI, Ryukyu University (Verbal Presentation), 2003

Effectiveness of Environmental Management Systems for public sectors case of Japan. 17th Pacific Conference of the Regional Science Association International.Embassy Suites Downtown Portland, Oregon USA Abstract (Verbal Presentation), 2001

Effectiveness of Environmental Management system for public sector (Verbal Presentation), 2001

Environmental Management Systems for Public Sector Local Government-Japanese Case, The 11th International Symposium of The Secretariat of the PRSCO, RSAI,Kumamoto University(Verbal Presentation), 1999

Field Work, Creative Works

Staged implementation of Environmetnal Management Systems (ISO14005)

Integration of Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Performance Evaluation in, international standard, ISO14005, ISO14001, ISO14031

Environmental Management Systems for Public Sector

Environmental Management Systems for Educational Sector

Research on Simplified Environmental Management Systems, Simple, Environmental Management Systems, ISO14001, ISO14005

Research on Environmental Management Systems for Small and medium sized company and public sector's technological support

Sustainable Welfare Society (COE program)

Participation and Partnarship toward Environmental Conservation

Research on Social Responsiblity and Bio Diversity, Social Responsibility, Bio Diversity, Intellectural property

Traditional knowledge(Medicinal Plants) and Intellectural Property

Integration of International Standard on Management Systems.ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO14005

International Standardization on Graphical Symbol for use on Equipment IEC/TC3/SC3C

Social Activities


Environmental Management Systems:ISO 14001, ISO 14004, ISO 14005

ISO/TC207/SC1, Expert (2005-2013)

ISO/TC207/SC1/WG3 Expert(2005-2013)

ISO/TC207/SC1, ISO/TC207/SC1/WG3/Japan committee member(2005-)


Graphical Symbol for the use of equipments:IEC 60417

Project under SC3C:MT60417, PT62648, JWG11, AHG1, VT60417

IEC/TC3/SC3C Secretary(2010-2011)

IEC/TC3/SC3C Assistant Secretary(2009-2010)

IEC/TC3/SC3C/MT60417 Convenor(2009-2011)

IEC/TC3/SC3C/PT62648 Member(2009-2011)

IEC/TC3/SC3C/Japan Committee Member(2009-2011)

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