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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Management Synthesis
Business Administration and Information Science (graduate school)
Graduated Sophia University, Graduate School of Economics
Degree Dr. of Business Administration
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Academy of Business Administration
Nippon Academy of Management
The Society for the History of Management Theories
Japan Academy of Management
Academic Association for Organizational Science
Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution
Japan Forum of Business Education
Field of Study Theory of Organizing a Management Body (Checking Points and Diagnosis of Organizing a Management Body), Research on the Manager's Ability for Management
Research, Studies First, Study to Explicate a Pathological Mechanism of an Organization in order to Establish the Theory of Organizing Skill and Organize each Different Group (Company, School, Hospital, Professional Sporting Group, Union etc.) and Systematize Organizing Skill in such a Way as to Prevent Disease, finally Search for Manager's Ability
Curriculum Specialized Organization Design, Organization Management

Books Published, Translation

The Theoretical Basis for the Bringing up of Administrators: Master of Management skill and Case-Method, Bunshindou, 2001(dissertation)

Creative Manager (joint work), Hakuto Shobo, 1997

Emphasis on the Actual Management Problems Scattering in the Area outside the Organizing Skill Discovered in Cases, Seizansha, 1997

The Diagram of Organizing Skill and Occurrence of Problems, Seibundo, 1997

An Access to Organizing Skill, Seibundo, 1995

The Trouble-Map in Organizing, Seibundo, 1994

Academic Papers, Critique

An Introduction to the Theory of Management Education:Concept, Requisites and Case-Method, Management Development, Vol.19, No.1, Feb., 2016

A Pilot Model of Management-Education Theory, Management Development, Vol.18, No.1, Jan., 2015

The Core Proposition of Management-Education Theory and "KAE" Principle, Management Development, Vol.12, No.1, Jan., 2009

An Introduction to the Management-Education Theory:A Meaning of the Core Proposition&Hypothesis, Management Development, Vol.11, No.1, Feb., 2008

An Introduction to Management-Education Theory:Reconsideration for the Approach to the Management-Skill, Management Development, Vol.10, Mar., 2007

Wise Manager and Non-Wise Manager:the Differences of Premise Between Economics and Management Theory, Management Development, Vol.9, Mar., 2006

Another Approach of Management Theory:The Search of Management-Education Theory to support Management-Education Practice, Management Development, Vol.8, Mar., 2005


Academy prize "Yamashiro-sho" of Nippon Academy of Management Education, the first, 2002

Social Activities

Case Instructor of "Management Seminar" by Chubu Industrial Federation

Member of "Management Licence Examination" Committee in NPO: Management Development Center

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