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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Civil Engineering
Constructional Engineering (graduate school)
School of General Education, Freshman Education Program
School of General Education, Selective Topics Program
School of General Education
Graduated Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering
Degree Dr. of Engineering, Kyoto University
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies
Field of Study Hydraulics, Urban Flood Control
Research, Studies The development of inundation analysis method in urban area and its application, The water environmental problem of urban river and estuary
Curriculum Specialized Exercise in Hydraulics I, Hydraulics II, River Engineering, Coastal Engineering

Academic Papers, Critique

Study on h-VA inundation analysis model considering sewer analysis, APD-IAHR2012, S6C-4, 2012.

Characteristics of water quality at Matsusige lock gate area due to the inflow from nakagawa, APD-IAHR2012, PS2-31, 2012.

Study on the impact of tidal behaviour on the characteristics of water quality in Hori River, XXX IV IAHR, pp.3801-3807, 2011.

The relation between transport characteristics of float and accumulation of sludge in the hori river, APD-IAHR2010, 5a017, 2010.

Study on nesting model by using h-VA inundation analysis method, APD-IAHR2010, 3b008, 2010.

The inundation analysis model considering the complex sewer pipe network in urban area, UDM, U-P10,2009.

Water quality research and river restoration measures in the horikawa river, WCWF, TC-P16, 2009.

Relation between change of phytoplankton and do and discharge in the up-down stream area of nagaragawa estuary barrage, XXXIII IAHR Conference, C-1 Eco-hydraulics, 2009.

Study on the transport characteristics of floating garbage in Hori River, ICHE2008, pp.2012-2019, 2008.

Study on effective inundation analysis method considering characteristics of ground elevation in calculation grid, ICHE2008, pp.1665-1673, 2008.

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