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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of International Studies
International Relations (graduate school)
School of General Education, Liberal Arts Education Program (Humanities and Social Literacy)
Graduated The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, the Faculty of Cultural Studies
Degree Dr. of Literature, Grad. Univ. Advanced Studies
Academic Institutional Membership Japanese Society of Ethnology, Japan Association for Middle East Studies, Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan
Field of Study Cultural Anthropology
Research, Studies The Relationship of Secularism, Islam and Women in Turkey
Curriculum Specialized Cultural Anthropology, Comparative Religion

Books Published, Translation

Could Death be Healing?: a Case Study of a Muslim Village in Turkey, Religion and Healing: In Search of a Key to Salvation, Sangokan, 2000

Society Concerned about Sexuality: the Manliness of Turkish Men, Joint Research: the Discussion of Manhood, Jinbun Shoin, 1999

What the Bride's Room Tells us: Turkish People, Rural Society in the West Black Sea Area, Turkey, Gathering at Residence, Gakugei Shuppansha, 1999

Diversity of Islam from the Aspect of Headscarves, Anthropology of Clothing, Jinbun Shoin, 1999

Sexuality and Secularity in Islam: an Ethnography of Turkish Rural Women, Academia Shuppankai, 1999

Turkish Women: Between Secularism and Islamism, Ethnography of Women, Vol. 2, Kobundo, 1997

Rural Women and Islam: Turkey, Society and Life of the Muslim People, Eikokyoiku Bunkakenkyusyo, 1994

Academic Papers, Critique

Are Muslim Women Oppressed?: a Case Study of a Turkish Village, NIRA Research Report, No.19990127, National Institute for Research Advancement, 2000

A Review of Acik-kapali Argument: The Modernization of Turkey from the Viewpoints of Rural Women, Annual Report of Social Anthropology, No. 25, 1999

Family Structure and Women in a Turkish Village: a Case Study from a Village in the West Black Sea Area, People Culture Psyche: Reports on Human Science from Kyoto Bunkyo University, Vol. 1, 1998

Acik (open) and Kapali (close): Secularism, Islam and Women in Turkey, The Japanese Journal of Ethnology, Vol. 59, No. 4, 1995

Field Work, Creative Works

Anthropological Research on Turkish Rural Women, West Black Sea Area, Turkey, 1992-1993


Childbirth in a Turkish Village, Perinatal Care, Vol. 19, No. 9, 2000

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