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OKUI Satoshi


Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Computer Science
Computer Science (graduate school)
Graduated Tsukuba University, Graduate School of Engineering
Degree Dr. of Engineering, Tsukuba University
Academic Institutional Membership Information Processing Society of Japan, Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
Field of Study Symbolic Computation
Research, Studies Term Rewriting, Automated Equational Deduction, Functional, Logic Programming
Curriculum Specialized Achievements in Study & Education:

Academic Papers, Critique

Deterministic Lazy Narrowing Calculus, J. Symbolic Computation, Vol. 25, No. 6, 1998

Lazy Narrowing: Strong Completeness and Eager Variable Elimination, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 167, No. 1-2, 1996

Outside-In Conditional Narrowing, IEICE Trans. Info. & Sys., Vol. E77-D, No. 6, 1994

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Simultaneous Critical Pairs and Church-Rosser Property, 9th RTA (LNCS 1379), 1998

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