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Year of Birth 1958
Place of Birth Yamanashi
Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of English Language and Culture
Languages and Cultures (graduate school)
Center for International Affairs
Graduated Kyoto University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Degree Ph.D. Kyoto University, MA. University of Illinois(TESOL)
Academic Institutional Membership TESOL
Field of Study Applied Linguistics, Cross-cultural Communication
Research, Studies World Englishes,Cross Cultural Communication, Study Abroad
Curriculum Specialized Seminar on SLA, Cross-Cultural Communication, Global English
Contact Mail
Telephone number:+81568514144

Books Published, Translation

English Teaching Practicum for the New Age. (joint work) , Gakubunsha, 2019.

A Handbook for English and English World. (joint work) , Taishukan Pub. Co., 2017.

English Education in Japan and World Englishes. (joint work) Kuroshio, 2016.

Super Anchor English -Japanese Dictionary.(5th ed), Gakken, 2015.

Global Activator- My English, Your English, World Englishes. (joint work) Kinseido, Pub. 2015.

Modern Society and English – With a Special Focus on Varieties of English. (joint work), Kinseido, 2014.

English Education and Culture- Developing Cross-Cultural Communication Competence. (Eds.) Taishukan Pub. Co., 2010.

English Language Classes in Japanese Tertiary Education. (joint work), Shohaku-sha, 2007.

World Trek II (Monbusho approved textbook for high school students) (joint work), Kirihara Ltd., 2006.

World Trek I (Monbusho approved textbook for high school students) (joint work), Kirihara Ltd., 2005

New Activator (joint work) ,Kinseido, 2005.

Early English Education for the Future -Theory and Practice .(joint work), Kenkyusha, 2005.

Why is That? (joint work), Kinseido, 2001.

Introductory Guide to English E-mail Writing. IEC, 2001.

Introductory Guide to English E-mail Writing. (expressions).IEC, 2001.

Interact. (Monbusho approved textbook) (joint work), Kirihara Shoten, 2001.

Everything about CBT TOEFL. (joint work), Sanshusha, 2000.

Writing E-mail with 1000 Words. ALC Ltd., 1999.

Super Anchor Japanese-English Dictionary. (joint work), Gakken, 1999.

Activator. (joint work), Kinseido, 1998.

Tell Me Why. (joint work), Sanshusha, 1998.

Call: Basics and Beyond. (joint work), JALT, 1998.

A Guide to Internet and E-mail Expressions . (joint work), Sanshusha, 1998.

A Dictionary for Internet/E-mail English Expressions. (joint work) Sanshusha, 1997.

Speaking Marathon -introductory course, Vol.1~Vol. 6.(joint work), ALC, 1996

Speaking Marathon- practical course, Vol.1~Vol.6.(joint work), ALC, 1996.

Repeating Marathon-Booklet. Vol.1~Vol.10. (joint work), ALK, 1996.

Our Cross-cultural Experiences. Taishukan Pub. Co., 1996.

Super Anchor English-Japanese Dictionary (joint work), Gakken, 1996.

America, So Real (joint work) . Sanshusha, 1996.

Proceedings of the FLEAT II.(Eds.,)LLA/IALL, 1995.

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Problematic strategies in extensive reading practice: Assessment and future directions55th RELC International Conference (online),2021

Teaching Affective Strategies for Shy Learners, FLEAY IV Kobe, 2000

Affective Competence, TESOL2000 Vancouver Canada, 2000

Living with the Network, TESOL97 Orlando Fl. USA, 1997

Developing Affective Competence, TESOL97 Orlando Fl. USA, 1997

What is Cross-cultural Competency? Roundtable, JALT, 1996

A Virtually Motivating Experience, TESOL 95 Long Beach USA, 1995

EFL Training for Developing Intercultural Relations, TESOL 95 Long Beach USA, 1995


Tanaka-Ohio International Education Award

JACET Teaching Award

Excellent Teaching Award (2021, 2015, 2011, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002)

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