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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Communications
Languages and Cultures (graduate school)
School of General Education, Liberal Arts Education Program (Humanities and Social Literacy)
Graduated The Gruduate university for Advanced studies, school of culturl and social studies
Degree Ph.D (The Graduate university for Advanced studies)
Academic Institutional Membership Japan society Studies about Japanese cinema
Field of Study Japanese Studies, Samurai films, Japanese cinema, Popular Culture Studies
Research, Studies Cultural studies about Japanese cinema
Curriculum Specialized Analysis of Image, Expression of Image, History of Image and Culture

Books Published, Translation

TATE as a kind of Japanese Culture:think through Chambara Movies, 2007, Sekaishisosha

Academic Papers, Critique

A Reexamination of Film Studies : The Case of the Rediscoveerd Film BUSHIDO, 1926, NIHON KENKYU vol.31, 2005

TATE in Chambara Movie, doctoral thesis, 2003, 2004

The Historical Formation of TATE in Chambara Jidaigeki Films, NIHON KENKYU vol.24, 2002

About Raizo ICHKAWA : Movie Star, BUNKA RONSHU vol.10, 2000

A Comparison about Two Films UTAANDON, BUNKA RONSHU vol.9, 1999

Raizo ICHIKAWA et son projet inacheve : le groupe theatral Teatro Kaburaya, BUNKA RONSHU vol.8, 1998

L ecriture du cinema et de la literature, BUNKA RONSHU vol.6, 1996

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Cinema, TVCM: The world of Directors of Image, International Symposium Selling Culture, Sold Culture: Cultural Studies Based on Evidence from Television Commercials, 2006

The Mutual Influences of Japanese Cinema and Hong Kong Cinema: Martial Arts Movies from the 1950s to 1970s, International Symposium Globalization, Localization, and Japanese Studies in the Asia-Pacific Region,, 2005

Japanese Movie and Japanese Theatre in Meiji and Taisho eras, Forum in Theatre Research, 2005

A Problem of Realism of TATE in Chambara Movie, Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, 2001

TATE, in Samurai Films, Kansai branch of Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, 2000

TATE, Symposium Around Physical Arts, 1999

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