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SUIJO Kenichi


Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Lifelong Sports and Health Sciences
Health Sciences (graduate school)
Graduated Dept. of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo Medical University
Degree Ph.D.
Field of Study Exercise Physiology, Neuroscience, Exercise Epidemiology
Research, Studies Physical activity and sedentary behavior-induced brain plastisity

Academic Papers, Critique

Hasegawa D, Hori A, Okamura Y, Baba R, Suijo K, Mizuno M, Sugawara J, Kitatsuji K, Ogata H, Toda K, Hotta N. Aging exaggerates blood pressure response to ischemic rhythmic handgrip exercise in humans. Physiological reports 9(22) e15125, 2021

Hori A, Hasegawa D, Suijo K, Nishigaki K, Ishida K, Hotta N. Exaggerated pressor response to blood flow restriction resistance exercise is associated with a muscle metaboreflex-induced increase in blood pressure in young, healthy humans. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 46(2):182-185, 2021

Hori A, Suijo K, Kondo T, Hotta N. Breath isoprene excretion during rest and low-intensity cycling exercise is associated with skeletal muscle mass in healthy human subjects. J Breath Res. 15(1): 016009, 2020

Ikeda Y, Hirata S, Maeda W, Okuzumi H, Kokubun M, Ambe H, Fujieda Y, Suijo K, Hayashi J, Iteya M. Relationship between Stroop/reverse-Stroop interference and postural sway when standing in elderly people. Compr Psycho 2(1): 1-7, 2013

Suijo K., Inoue S., Ohya Y., Odagiri Y., Takamiya T., Fujieda Y., Itoh M. and Shimomitsu T. Resistance exercise ehnaces cognitive function in mouse. Int J Sports Med. 34: 368-375, 2013

Inoue S., Ohya Y., Odagiri Y., Takamiya T., Suijo K., Kamada M., Okada S., Tudor-Locke C. and Shimomitsu T. Socio-demographic determinants of pedometer-determined physical activity among Japanese adults. Am J Preventive Med. 40(5): 566-71, 2011

Inoue S., Ohya Y., Odagiri Y., Takamiya T., Ishii K., Kitabayashi M., Suijo K., Sallis F.J. and Shimomitsu T. Association between perceived neighborhood environment and walking among adults from four cities in Japan. J Epidemiol 20(4): 277-86, 2010

Ishii K., Inoue S., Ohya Y., Odagiri Y., Takamiya T., Suijo K., Owen N. and Shimomitsu T. Sociodemographic variation in the perception of barriers to exercise among Japanese adults. J Epidemiol 19(4):161-168, 2009

Suijo K., Fujieda Y., Isaku R., Ambe H., Sumi K., Yasukawa S., Sekiya T. and Kawaguchi M. The optimum intensity and mode of cooling down procedures after repetitive intermittent high-intensity exercise. Jpn J Phys Fitness Sport Med 56(Suppl):263-267, 2006

Sumi K., Sakai K., Fujieda Y., Ambe H., Isaku R., Suijo K., Yasukawa S., Sambongi C., Morifuji M. and Sugiura K. The effects of soy peptide on isometric performances and serum CK and LDH trends after high intensity repetitive eccentric exercise stress. Jpn J Physi Fitness Sport Med 56(Suppl):257-261, 2006

Yasukawa S., Fujieda Y., Sakai K., Sugiura K., Morifuji M., Sambongi C., Ambe H., Isaku R., Kawaguchi M., Suijo K. and Sumi K. The synergic effects of coenzymeQ10 and creatine through oral intake on repetitive short duration high-intensity exercise. Jpn J Physi Fitness Sport Med 56(Suppl):247-250, 2006

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