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OSAWA Hajime



Year of Birth 1977
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of International Studies
International Relations (graduate school)
Graduated Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
Degree Ph.D in Area Studies of Asia, University of Tokyo
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Association for Asian Studies
Association for Studies of Chinese Society and Culture
Japan Society of Educational History in Asia
The Japan Association for Modern China Studies
The Association for Asian Studies
Field of Study Chinese History
Research, Studies Modern Political and Social History, Archival Science
Curriculum Specialized Chinese Politics, Sino-Japanese Comparative Philosophy, Chinese International Relations, Sino-Japanese Comparative Sociology

Books Published, Translation

Education and Identities in Chinese Changing Societies, Tokyo: Kokusai Shoin, 2017

The Search for the origin of Contemporary China: The Handbook for Contemporary history of China, Tokyo: TOHO Shoten, 2016

The Chinese contemporary history from view of the new historical materials: Oral, Digital and Local, Tokyo: TOHO Shoten, 2010

BUNKAKU (Chinese Cultural Revolution): the voices of 13persons in Nanjing University, Tokyo: Tsukiji Shokan, 2009

Academic Papers, Critique

Electronic Libraries and Databases in the Chinese-Speaking World and Historical Studies of Modern and Contemporary China: Centering on Outreach Activities, REKISHIGAKU KENKYU (JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL STUDIES), No.1000, Sep. 2020

Chapter.15 Education, Edited by KAWASHIMA Shin and NAKAMURA Motoya, Review on studies of history of the Republican China, Koyo Shobo, 2019

Educational Development under the Wang Jingwei Regime, The Toyoshi-Kenkyu (The Journal of Oriental Researches), Vol.70 No.4, Mar 2019

The Hungarian Revolution and China, Arena, (20), Nov 2017

Chinese Oversea Students and Sino-Japan relations, Edited by TAKAHASHI Goro, A new dimension of Sino-Japanese relations, Nippon Hyoron sha, 2017

The Expansion of Primary Education in Post-war China, China21, Vol.45, Mar 2017

Universities and Colleges under the "New" Political Order: A Case study of the Early Years of People's Republic of China (1949-1955), Shicho (The Journal of History) , New Series No.80, Dec 2016

China Studies in Harvard University, Arena, (19), Dec 2016

Ideological Education in Modern China, GLOCAL, Vol.9, Oct 2016

Book review: TOBE Ken, "Social Education" in Modern Tianjin, Monthly Journal of Chinese Affairs, 70(4) , Apr 2016

From Digital Library to Digital Humanities, Chung Hsing Journal of the Humanities, No.55, 2015

Between Real politics and Historical studies in China, Edited by The Committee concerning 50th anniversary of Chubu university, "Kokusai" toiuyumewotsumugu, Chubu University, 2014

Bookreview: SATO Yoshifumi, Consciousness of Native Place in Modern China, Gendai Chugoku (Modern China Studies), No.88 (Oct. 2014: Tokyo, The Japan Association for Modern China Studies)

Revival of MAO-Zedong?: How does contemporary chinese society feel MAO-Zedong era, Arena (16) 400-408 Dec. 2013 [Invited]

Oral histories in Japan: focusing on history of contemporary japan, china and japan-sino relations, Edited by SHAO Hsuanlei and others, Chinese studies in post war Japan: Intellectual oral history II, National Taiwan University, 2013

Bookreview: Iwama Kazuhiro, White Collar Workers in Modern Shanghai, REKISHIGAKU KENKYU (Journal of Historical Stideies), No.907 (2013.7: Tokyo, The Historical Science Society of Japan)

Digitizing Asian Historical Resource of Pre-war Japan, Mainland China Studies Newsletter No.97 (2012.5: Taipei, National Taiwan University)

Article catalog of "Chunghua educational review", Kindai chugoku kenkyu ihou, No.32 (2010.3: Tokyo, The Toyo Bunko) pp.43-165

“Career problems” faced by High School Graduates in Modern and Contemporary China: The Case of the Jiangnan Region under the Nanjing Nationalist Government. The TOYO GAKUHO (The Journal of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko), Vol.92 No.1 (2010.6: Tokyo, The Toyo Bunko) pp.55-85

Political Education under KMT government: 1928-1934, The Study of Asian Educational History, No.18 (2009.6: Tokyo, The Association for Asian Educational History ) pp.13-32

Digitizing Asian Historical Resource Projects in Japan: the present condition and the problems, A New Grobal Order in North East Asia Edited by Imanishi Junko, Ulziibaatar Demberel, Husel Borjigin (2009.3:Tokyo, Fukyosha) pp.303-318

School Education and Social Integration in the 1950s in the People’s Republic of China, Asian Studies, Vol.55 No. 1 (2009.1:Tokyo,Japan Association for Asian Studies), pp. 73-90. Chinese version translated by QIAO Jun, CCP History Material, 2009 No.3 (2009.11:Beijing,Party history research center of CCCPC)

Digital Archives in China and Taiwan, Archives in Digitalization Era, Edited by OGAWA Chiyoko (2008.9: Tokyo, Iwata Shoin), pp.63-75.

Primary school teachers as a social group in modern Shanghai and Jiangnan area: 1927-1949, China: Society and Culture, No.22(2007.6: Tokyo, Association for Studies of Chinese Society and Culture), pp.240-259

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Japanese teacher/scholars how watch the chinese education system before WWII, Fudan University, Shanghai, Oct.12, 2019

Changing role of library in digitalization-era: a case study of china study in Japan, National Diet Library Kansai-kan, Kyoto, Feb.22, 2019

Universities and Colleges under the "New" Political Order: A Case study of the Early Years of People's Republic of China (1949-1955), East China Normal University, Shanghai, Dec.2, 2017

1950's elementary and secondary education through field-work in the Yangtze River Delta, Meiji University, Tokyo, Nov.17, 2017

The Social History of the Secondary education in Modern China, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Nov.3, 2017

The Digital Humanities approach of Chinese history, Aichi University, Aichi, Oct.29, 2017

A trend of Study Abroad in Contemporary China, Aichi University, Aichi, Feb.18, 2017

School teachers in 1950's Shanghai and Songjiang, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Dec.6, 2015

Area studies and Digital humanities, Tokoha University, Shizuoka, Dec.2, 2015

School Education, Political Ideology and Social Mobility: A Comparative Study of 1950's Mainland China and Taiwan, Harvard University, MA, Apr. 27, 2015

Digitizing Historical Materials and its application: Focused on China Studies in Japan, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Jun. 5, 2014

Comment: How does Research library improve the value of research?, The Workshop on Research library for Asian studies in Kansai Branch of National Diet Library of Japan, Kyoto, Mar. 20, 2014

Comment:NIHU's Activity on Research and Resource Sharing of Humanities, PNC Annual Conference and Joint Meeting 2013 in Kyoto University, Kyoto, Dec. 12, 2013

What is the CADAL(China Academic Digital Association Library)?, 2nd Aichi University Library Seminar in Aichi University Library, Nagoya, Dec. 9, 2013

School Education and Social Integration in the 1950s in the People’s Republic of China, Asian Studies Conference Japan in J. F. Oberlin University, Tokyo, 2013, Jun. 29, 2013

The reconstruction and development of school education in rural Shanghai during the early period of the People’s Republic of China, International symposium on Shanghai after 1949 in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai, Dec. 19, 2012

An introduction of modern chinese historical materials in the Toyo bunko (presented with Dr. YOSHIDA Toyoko), Present and Future: international symposium on the archives and historical figures in Fudan University, Shanghai, Nov. 30, 2012

Oral histories in Japan: focusing on history of contemporary japan, china and japan-sino relations, International workshop on chinese studies intellectual oral history in Japan and Southeast asia in National Taiwan University, Taipei, Jul. 27, 2012

Digital technology and chinese society in HU Jingtao era, NIHU Network of Contemporary Chinese Studies 5th Symposiumin “The dilemma of contemporary china: Rethinking 10years of HU Jingtao era” in Waseda University, Tokyo, Jan. 21, 2012

Comparative Study on the Socio-Political History of School Education: 1950’s Mainland China and Taiwan in the Early Cold War Period, Training Program in Historical Materials and Methods: The New Horizon for Research on 1950s China in Fudan University, Shanghai, Jan. 10, 2012

New Forms of Historical Material and Its Analysis: In Case of Asian Historical Material in Japanese Digital Libraries and Digital Archives (presented with Dr. SHAO Hsuanlei), 2011 Internaitonal Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Huamanities in National Taiwan University, Taipei, Dec. 2011

Field Work, Creative Works

Guangxi Province, China from 2015

Zhejiang Province, China from 2007

Jiangsu Province, China from 2007

Shanghai, China from 2005


FY2017 Chubu University Best Teachers Award

Social Activities

Lecturer, the extension school in city of Toyoake, Dec. 2019

Guest Lecturer, Keio University, Jan. 2019

Lecturer, the extension college in city of Owariasahi, May. 2018-Jul. 2018

Lecturer, the extension college in city of Owariasahi, May. 2017-Jul. 2017

Guest Lecturer of Digital Humanities Workshop, National Taiwan Normal University, Nov. 2017

Lecturer, the Branch of Japanese, Guangxi Association of Overseas&Returned Scholars, Oct. 2016

Lecturer, the extension college in city of Owariasahi, May. 2015-Jul. 2015

Guest Lecturer of ASNET(Network for Education and Research on Asia), The university of Tokyo, Dec. 2011

Lecturer, the extension college of Kanagawa University, Nov. 2011


Visiting Scholar, Keio Institute of East Asian Studies, Apr. 2018-presen

Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Aug. 2014-May 2015

Editorial Board, The Japan Association for Modern China Studies, Oct. 2012-Sep. 2014

Associate Board, Japan Society of Educational History in Asia, Oct. 2012-present

Visiting Scholar, The International Center for Chinese Studies, Aichi University, Aug. 2012-present

Visiting Fellow, The Toyo Bunko(Oriental Library), Apr. 2012-present

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