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Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Food and Nutritional Sciences
Center for Registered Dietitian Practicum Support
Bioscience and Biotechnology (graduate school)
Graduated Nagoya University, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
Degree Dr. of Medical Science, Osaka University
Field of Study Food and Health Science
Research, Studies Functional Analysis of Food Components Preventing Lifestyle-related Diseases.

Academic Papers, Critique

Consumption of Japanese yam improves lipid metabolism in high-cholesterol diet-fed rats. Kusano Y, Tsujihara N, Masui H, Kozai H and Takeuchi W. J Nutr Sci Vitaminol, (2016) 62, 350-360

Effects of 6-(Methylsulfinyl) hexyl Isothiocyanate on Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 Gene Expression in Human Intestinal Epithelial Caco-2 Cells, Kusano Y, Mukai A, Shibata T and Uchida K. Nippon Eiyo Shokuryo Gakkaishi(2013) 66(6), 293-300

Constitutive expression of an antioxidant enzyme, glutathione S-transferase P1, during differentiation of human intestinal Caco-2 cells. Kusano Y, Horie S, Morishita N, Shibata T and Uchida K. Free Radic Biol Med, (2012) 53, 347–356

Keap1 regulates the constitutive expression of GST A1 during differentiation of Caco-2 cells. Kusano Y, Horie S, Shibata T, Satsu H, Shimizu M, Hitomi E, Nishida M, Kurose H, Itoh K, Kobayashi A, Yamamoto M and Uchida K. Biochemistry (2008) 47, 6169–6177

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