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SO Jinyi


Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Early Childhood Education
Education (graduate school)
Graduated Graduate School of Human Life Science, Osaka City University
Degree Ph.D., Osaka City University
Qualification Certified Social Worker
Academic Institutional Membership Japanese Society for the Study of Social Welfare (JSSSW)
Field of Study Social Welfare, Child and Family Welfare
Research, Studies Research on the Profession of the social workers and the Care Workers
Curriculum Specialized Social Welfare, Child and Family Welfare, Child and Family Support etc

Academic Papers, Critique

A study on abnormal behaviors and supports of abused children who are working in Child Care Institution,Journal of College of Contemporary Education (6), 45-53, 2014-03

A study on the social work function of a childcare center: qualitative data analysis based on the role of childcare workers, Bulletin of the Contemporary Education(1), 79-88, 2008-03

Factors Related to Perceived Job Competence of Care Workers in Nursing Homes : Relationships with the Service Users and Interpersonal Relationships in Worksites, Japanese Journal of Social Welfare 47(4), 124-135, 2007-02

The relationship between care workers' working environment and perceived job competence in nursing homes, Research Journal of Care and Welfare 13(2), 204-213, 2006-10

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