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OMURA Tomoko


Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Nursing
Center for Nursing Practicum Support
Nursing (graduate school)
Graduated Nagoya University School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine
Degree Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing Science)
Qualification Registered Nurse, Nurse Midwife, Pediatric Allergy Educator
Academic Institutional Membership Japanese Society of Child Health Nursing
Japan Society of Nursing and Health Care
Japanese Society of Pediatric Clinical Allergy
Field of Study Child Health Nursing
Research, Studies Nursing care of children and the family with allergic disease
Curriculum Specialized Pediatric Nursing1-3,Pediatric Nursing Practicum, Introduction to Nursing Research

Academic Papers, Critique

Chikae Yamaguchi, Midori Asano, Tomoko Omura, Makoto Ishii, Rie Ono (2021) Differences between Nurses' and Physicians' Perceptions of Nursing Expertise Based on an Analysis of the Drafting of Guidelines for Pediatric Allergy Care to Promote Shared Decision Making, The Japanese Society of Child Health, 80(1), 19-28

Tomoko YAMADA, Chikae YAMAGUCHI, Makoto ISHII, Rie Ono, Midori Asano (2019) Qualitative Survey toward the Development a Draft of Items and Core Elements of Pediatric Allergy Nursing based on Shared Decision-Making in Clinical Practice: Using Indivisual Onterview and Focus Group Interview, J. Jpn. Soc. Nurs. Health Care, 21(1), 23-31

Tomoko YAMADA, Makoto ISHII, Midori ASANO faced by school—aged children with food allergy

and practical solutions undertaken, Japanese Society of Pediatric Intractable Asthma and Allergic Diseases, 14(3), 268-275

Masaki OMURA, Tomoko YAMADA, Ayako ISHIGURO(2015)Unique developmental tasks of family to take care of their children with severe cerebral palsy in transition to adulthood at home - Mothers' perception of their experience-, Journal of Japan Society of Nursing and Health care, 17(2), 12-21

Tomoko YAMADA, Midori ASANO, Ayako ISHIGURO between Adolescent Asthma Patients and Medical Caregivers: State of Collaboration from the Perspective of Child Patients, Journal of Japan Soociety of Nursing and Health care, 11(1), 6-14

Tomoko YAMADA, Ayako ISHIGURO(2009)Assessment of Reliability and Validity of a Japanese Version of the Asthma Compliance Instrument (a Questionnaire), Medicine and Biology, 143-151

Tomoko YAMADA, Midori ASANO, Taichi SUGIURA of adolescents with asthma toward collaboration with physicians and nurses, Journal of Japanese Society of Child Health Nursing, 15(2), 68-75

Tomoko YAMADA, Ayako ISHIGURO, Kiyomi MIURA of Adolescents with Asthma:The Characteristics of Low Compliance Scoring Group Using Asthma Compliance lnstrument, low compliance scoring gourp using Asthma Compliance Instrument, Journal of Japan Soociety of Nursing and Health care, Vol.7

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