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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of History and Geography
History and Geography (graduate school)
Graduated Ochanomizu University, Graduate School, Doctoral Research Course in Human Culture
Degree Dr. of Humanities?
Academic Institutional Membership Meijiishinnshi Gakkai/ Shigakukai
Field of Study Modern Japanese History
Research, Studies Study on Consular Jurisdiction in 19th Century
Curriculum Specialized Introduction of Historical Science

Books Published, Translation

Public Security and Information in Bakumatsu-Ishin Period (joint work), Taiga Shobou, 2003

Social History on Women (joint work), Yamakawa Shuppansha Ltd., 2001

Meiji Ishin and Western International Society (joint work), Yoshikawa Kobun Kan Ltd., 1999

Yokohama of 19th century in diaries (joint work), Yamakawa Shuppansha Ltd., 1998

Academic Papers, Critique

A Consular Court and Proceedings of a Civil Case in Bakumatsu-Ishin period, Rekishi Hyoron/604, 2000

The Hunting by Foreigners and the Abolition of Otakaba : Shogun's hunting ground, Ronshu Kinsei/19, 1997

A Study on the Finance of the Governor of Kanagawa, BULLETIN OF THE DOCTORAL RESEARCH COURSE IN HUMAN CULTURE/20, 1997

The "Unequal" Treaties and Consular Jurisdiction: Negotiations between Japan and Great Britain after the Opening of Japanese Ports, SHIGAKU=ZASSHI105/4, 1996

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