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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (graduate school)
School of General Education, Freshman Education Program
Graduated Tohoku University, Graduate School of Engineering
Degree Dr. of Engineering, Tohoku University
Academic Institutional Membership The Japan Institute of Metals, The Japanese Society of Electron Microscopy
Field of Study Materials Science and Engineering
Research, Studies Microstructure Analysis of Photonic and Electronic Functional Devices, Thin Films, Transmission Electron Microscopy
Curriculum Specialized Engineering Materials

Academic Papers, Critique

Ultra-Precion Float Polishing of Calcium Fluoride Single Crystals for Deep Ultra Violet Applications, Annals of the CIRP, Vol.53, No.1, 2004

Preparation and Characterization of High Quality Stoichiometric LiNbO3 Thick Films by the Sol-gel Method, Thin Solid Films, Vol.458, No.1/2, 2004

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