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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of International Studies
Dept. of International Relations
International Relations (graduate school)
Institute of Global Humanics
Office for Women's Advancement Promotion
Graduated York University, Graduate School of Political Science, Canada
Academic Institutional Membership International Studies Association , Association of International Political Science
Field of Study International Relations(IR),International Political Economy(IPE)
Security Studies, Gender Studies
Research, Studies Globalization, Informal Sector, Human Security, Gender and Racism, Trafficking in Women and children
Curriculum Specialized International Relations , Security Studies, Human Rights Studies,

Books Published, Translation

Solidarity Economy- Counterproposal against Globalization (joint work) Akashi press ,2007 ,Tokyo

International Low, International Relations and Gender, eds, Toshiya Ueki and Hiroyuki Tosa, vol7 "Center for Gender Low and Policy", 2006, Sendai,Japan

Power, Production and Social Reproduction -Human In/security in the Global Political Economy-, (joint work), Macmillan, 2003

Gender, Globalization and Democratization (joint work), Rowman & lettlefield , New York.2000

Academic Papers, Critique

Toward the Reconstraction of Global Feminist strategy - Where we should go toward 'Post Beijing'? ASSOCIE, No 17 Ochanomizu press, Tokyo, 2006

Toward "Human Security" in the era of Global Crisis- a perspective from Gender, Multi Culturalism and City Networks , Center for Social Ethics, 2005. Nagoya

Human Security and Gender : from Perspective International Relations. Jounal No 3, Center for Gender Low and Policy, ,Sendai,Japan,2006

Towards a Gender-based Human Security Theory: The Global Organized Crime, Violence against Women, and the strengthened System of punishment and surveillance., ASSOCIE, No.5, Tokyo, 2001

Can we make a Counter Hegemony by Feminists ? Globalization-Analyses and Strategies of Feminists, ASSOCIE, No,5 Tokyo, 2001

The Role of Critical Theory Feminist IR, Sandra Whitworth, Feminism and International Relations (Japanese Translation), Fujiwara bookshop, Tokyo, 2000

The Fight against Prostitution ,Ttrafficking and Patriarchy in Japan, Urvashi, Butalia, Neng Magno,LauKinChi eds., Resurgent Patriarchies : Challenges for women's movements in Asia , ARENA press, Hong Kong, 1999

Japan und die globale Sex industrie, PROKLA 111, Globalisierung und Gender ,Nr.2. ( Berlin), 1998

A Historical Perspective on the Japanese Sex Trade, REFUGE, Vol.17.No.5, Toronto, 1998

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

The Impact on Trade Liberalization in Japan and Gender (Paper presented) Gender and Trade Liberalization Global-Local processes and gendered impacts in Asia and beyond, City University of Hong Kong, August 22-23, 2005

Unprotected Labor and Trafficking Capitalism, paper presented at the Special Workshop of the International Studies Association(ISA); The Political Economy of Unprotected Work in World Politics, in New Orleans, March 23, 2002

The New Constitutionalism and global sex trafficking, paper presented at the International Conference, Gender, Political Economy and Human Security, York University, Toronto, October 5-6, 2001

Global Sex Trafficking in Japan, paper presented at the Workshop of the International Studies Association (ISA), in Hong Kong, July26-28, 2001

Toward Gender based Human Security Theory, presented at the Workshop of the International Conference , Southern California University, California, February, 4-5, 2000

Historical Structure of Global sex industry in Japan, paper presented at the Workshop of International Political Science Association(IPSA), Quebec, August 1-5, 1999

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