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MIYAUCHI Toshiyuki


Year of Birth 1979
Place of Birth Ibaraki
Title Associate Professor
Belong to Dept. of Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry (graduate school)
Division of Student Support
Graduated Chubu University, Graduate School of Engineering
Degree Dr. of Engineering, Chubu University
Field of Study Analytical Chemistry
Research, Studies Developing novel functional materials based on biomass
Curriculum Specialized Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory, Applied Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Academic Papers, Critique

Preparation of a Weakly Acidic Cation Exchanger Based on Kenaf and Its Adsorption Characteristic of Copper(II) and Platinum-group Metal Ions, BUNSEKI KAGAKU, Vol 65,No.1(2016)

Determination of Urea in Cosmetics by IC-FIA System with Woody Biomass Type Cation Exxchanger Adsorbing Oils and Fats, BUNSEKI KAGAKU, Vol 63, No.9(2014)

Preparation of aWoody Functional Material Containing Phosphoric Acid and Adsorption Behavior of Metal Ions, Kobunshi Ronbunshu, Vol 70, No.4(2013)

Determination of Urea in Human Urine by Ion Chromatography Combined with Urease-Immobilized Cation Exchange Column, Vol 60, No.11(2011)

Determination of Urea in Serum Based on the Combination of an Enzymatic Reaction with Immobilized Urease and Ion Chromatographic Analysis, ANALYTICAL SCIENCES, Vol 26(2010)

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