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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
Center for Education in Laboratory Animal Research
Center for Clinical Examination Practicum Support
Biomedical Sciences (graduate school)
Graduated Nagoya University, Graduate School of Medicine
Degree Dr. of Medicine, Nagoya University
Academic Institutional Membership The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
Japanese Cancer Association
Society for Neuroscience
Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science
Field of Study Molecular Biology
Research, Studies Analysis of miRNAs on cardiomyopathy, cognitive neuroscience and cancer
Curriculum Specialized Laboratory Animal Research, Oncology, Genetic Engineering

Academic Papers, Critique

Forced expression of miR-143 and -145 in cardiomyocytes induces cardiomyopathy with a reductive redox shift. Cell Mol Biol Lett, 25:40, 2020

Simple and large-scale chromosomal engineering of mouse zygotes via in vitro and in vivo electroporation. Scientific Reports, 914713, 2019

Hydrogen gas improves left ventricular hypertrophy in Dahl rat of salt-sensitive hypertension. Clin Exp Hypertens. Jun 14:1-5, 2018

The normality of sperm in an infertile man with ring chromosome 15: a case report.J Assist Reprod Genet. 35: 251-256, 2018

Testis-Specific Histone Variant H3t Gene is Essential for Entry into Spermatogenesis. Cell Reports 18:593-600, 2016

Simultaneous oral and inhalational intake of molecular hydrogen additively suppresses signaling pathways in rodents. Mol Cell Biochem. 403(1-2):231-41, 2015

Emerging evidence of insulin-like growth factor 2 as a memory enhancer: a unique animal model of cognitive dysfunction with impaired adult neurogenesis. Rev Neurosci. 25(4) 559-574, 2014

The Heterochronic Genes lin-28a and lin-28b play an Essential and Evolutionarily Conserved Role in Early Zebrafish development. PLoS One. 9(2):e88086, 2014

G protein-coupled receptor 43 moderates gut inflammation through cytokine regulation from mononuclear cells. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 19:2848-2856, 2013

Deficits in microRNA-mediated Cxcr4/Cxcl12 signaling in neurodevelopmental deficits in a 22q11 deletion syndrome mouse model. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110:17552-17557, 2013

Reduced adult hippocampal neurogenesis and working memory deficits in the Dgcr8-deficient mouse model of 22q11.2 deletion-associated schizophrenia can be rescued by IGF2. J Neurosci. 33:9408-9419, 2013

Forced Expression of miR-143 Represses ERK5/c-Myc and p68/p72 Signaling in Concert with miR-145 in Gut Tumors of ApcMin Mice. PLoS ONE 7(8):e42137, 2012

A novel hairless mouse model for malignant melanoma. J Dermatol Sci. 65:207-212, 2012

Mimosine-Induced Apoptosis in C6 Glioma Cells Requires the Release of Mitochondria-Derived Reactive Oxygen Species and p38, JNK Activation. Neurochem Res. 37:417-427, 2011

β-Catenin signaling regulates the timing of cell differentiation in mouse retinalprogenitor cells. Mol Cell Neurosci. 46(4):770-780, 2011

Modulation of microRNA processing by p53. Nature 460:529-533, 2009

A role for AP-1 in matrix metalloproteinase production and invadopodia formation of v-Crk-transformed cells. Exp Cell Res. 315:1384-1392, 2009

Establishment of cells to monitor Microprocessor through fusion genes of microRNA and GFP. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 372:856-861, 2008

Functional analysis of the effect of forced activation of STAT3 on M1 mouse leukemia cells. Int. J Mol. Med. 15:269-75, 2005

Stat3-dependent induction of interleukin-3 receptor expression in leukemia inhibitory factor-stimulated M1 mouse leukemia cells. Cytokine, 25:136-139, 2004

LSSIG is a novel murine leukocyte-specific GPCR that is induced by the activation of STAT3. Blood, 101:1185-1187, 2003

Stat3-dependent induction of BATF in M1 mouse myeloid leukemia cells. Oncogene, 21: 8186-8191, 2002

JAK/Stat3 dependent activation of RalGDS/Ral pathway in M1 mouse myeloid leukemia cells. J. Biol. Chem., 276: 32678-32681, 2001

The JAK-inhibitor, JAB/SOCS-1 selectively inhibits cytokine-induced, but not v-Src induced JAK-STAT activation. Oncogene, 19: 4795-4801, 2000

Transgenic mouse model for skin malignant melanoma. Oncogene. 17: 1885-8. 1998

cDNA cloning of mouse ret proto-oncogene and its sequence similarity to the cadherin superfamily. Oncogene. 8: 1087-91. 1993

Accelerated proliferation and interleukin-2 production of thymocytes by stimulation of soluble anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody in transgenic mice carrying a rabbit protein kinase C. J. Biol. Chem. 267: 18644-18648, 1992

Aberrant melanogenesis and melanocytic tumor development in transgenic mice that carry metallothionein/ret fusion gene. EMBO J. 10: 3167-3175, 1991

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