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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of English Language and Culture
Languages and Cultures (graduate school)
Graduated University of Luton (Bedfordshire), UK
Degree Ph.D.(History)
Academic Institutional Membership Socio-Economic History Society
Political Economy and Economic History Society
Field of Study Post-war British History
Research, Studies Urban Hisotry, War and Social Change
Curriculum Specialized British and American History and Society, Introduction to British and American Culture

Books Published, Translation

Takao Nakano (ed.), Towns and Housing in Twentieth Century-Europe and Japan, Yamakawa Shuppan, Tokyo, 2015. (in japanese, 'Ingurand hokutoubu Middlesbrough no sengo-fukkou to minshutekikeikaku - toshiroudousha no juutaku danchi to kyoudoutai no saiken wo megutte 1939-1951 nen', Nakano Takao (ed.), Nijusseiki no toshi to juutaku - Europe to Nippon, Yamakawashuppansha, 2015.

Academic Papers, Critique

(with Matsumura Takao), 'The Wartime Industrial Survey by the Nuffield College, Oxford University, 1941-1945', vol.47, January 2022.

(with Matsumura Takao), 'The Education Survey by the Nuffield College, Oxford University, 1941-45: G.D.H.Cole's Idea on Educational Reform', vol.44, July 2020.

(with Matsumura Takao), 'G.D.H.Cole's Social Security League: The Influence of the Beveridge Report and Aiming for Its Realisation', Mitagakkaizasshi Keio University, Tokyo, vol.111 no.2, July 2018.

(with Matumura Takao), 'G.D.H.Cole's Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey during the Second World War', Mitagakkkaizasshi, Keio University, Tokyo, vol.110 no.4, Jan 2018.

(with Matsumura Takao), 'The Nuffield College Social ReconstructionSurvey, Oxford University, 1941-1944', Socio-Economic History, vol.82 no.4, 2017.

'Trends in the Study of British Urban History', Urban History(Toshishikenkyu), vol.2, Yamakawa, Tokyo, 2015.

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

'Wartime Social Survey-G.D.H.Cole's Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey, 1941-1944', Aoyamagakuin University, Tokyo, 2018.9.13

Symposium, 'China, Europe and Japan- Making of the Early Modern World and Nation', Commentator, Chubu University, 2018.2.9


Award for Educational Activities, 2009, 2014, 2017.


Grant-in-Aid for Scienctific Research (KAKENHI), (C), 2018.4-2021.3.

Grant-in-Aid for Scienctific Research (KAKENHI), (C), 2014.4-2017.3.

Grant-in-Aid for Scienctific Research (KAKENHI), (B), 2010.4-2012.3.

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