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Title Professor
Belong to International Digital Earth Applied Science Research Center
History and Geography (graduate school)
School of General Education, Selective Topics Program
Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies
Dept. of History and Geography
Graduated Keio University, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Geo-Informatics
Academic Institutional Membership GIS Association in Japan(GISA) / Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing(JSPRS) / The Remote Sensing Society of Japan(RSSJ) / Japan Society for Archaeological Information
Field of Study Geographic Information System(GIS),Remote Sensing
Research, Studies Utilization of GeoInformatics in historical fields

Academic Papers, Critique

Spatial Analysis as a Supportive Measure for Archaeology:An Application of GIS for Studies of Vegetation in the Jomon Period, Asian Journal of Geo-Informatics,Asian Journal of Geoinformatics,Vol.4,No.4,25-34,2001

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Geo-Informatics in Historical Research -Current situation and future prospect of utilizing Remote Sensing, GIS, and Computer Graphics-, 2004

A Study on Tempo-Spatial Distribution of Human Activities by Reconstruction of Paleoenvironment and Estimation of Resource Potential for Jomon Period -Case study in Aichi Prefecture Japan-, GISA, 2003

"Potential of GIS for Environmental Archaeology:A case study in Aichi, Japan", ISPRS Close-Range an Long-Range Vision, 2002

"GIS in Archaeology -case study in Yahagi river-",The Final Program of 3rd International Image Sensing Seminar on New Development in Digital Photogrammetry, 2001

"Reconstructing the Palaeoenvironment of Yahagi River Archaeological Site with Geographic Information System",ASIAGIS, 2001

"Potential of Sunlight Simulation to Support Conservation of the Bayon Archeological Site", ISPRS Commission V, International Committee for Architectural Photogrammetry (CIPA) & International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) International Workshop on Recreating the Past "Visualization and Animation of Culturage Heritage", 2001

"Extracting ruins in Angkor Region Using Satellite Image Data", XVII CIPA International Symposium, 1999

Field Work, Creative Works

Involved in the "Japanese Team of Safeguarding Angkor(JSA)" as a survey team using GPS, Photogrammetry, and GIS for supporting the Angkor ruins restoration.

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