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Title Designated Professor
Belong to Center of Applied Superconductivity and Sustainable Energy Research
Innovative Energy Science and Engineering (graduate school)
Graduated Nagoya University, Graduate School of Science
Degree Dr. of Science, Nagoya University
Academic Institutional Membership The Physical Society of Japan, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Atomic Energy Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research, The Cryogenic Society of Japan, Thermoelectric Conversion Japan, The Japan Institute of Metals
Field of Study Applied Physics
Research, Studies Superconducting System, Radiation Detector, Energy Conversion, Transport Phenomena in Semiconductor, Data Acquisition
Curriculum Specialized Electromagnetics, Electric Circuits

Books Published, Translation

Thermoelectrics: Principles and Applications (joint work), Realize Corp. Inc., 2001

Academic Papers, Critique

A Proposal for Divertor Cooling and Electric Power Generation in Plasma Fusion Device, Proc. 1996 Int. Conf. on Plasma Physics - ICPP96, Vol. 2, 1997

Monitoring System for Superconducting Magnet, J. Plasma and Fusion Research, Vol. 73, 1997

Current Imbalance of Insulated Superconducting Strands Cable in Iron Core Circuit, IEEE Trans. Appl. Super Conductivity, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1997

A Proposal for Peltier Current Lead, Proc. 16th Int. Cryogenic Eng. Conf / Int. Cryogenic Mat. Conf. (ICEC16/ICMC) PART-2, 1997

Energy Conversion in Fusion Reactor - Thermoelectric Conversion, J. of Plasma and Fusion Research, Vol. 72, 1996

Social Activities

Steering Committee Member of Thermoelectric Conversion Japan (from 1998)

Study Group Member of Advanced Thermal Energy System for Fusion Energy Extraction in The Atomic Energy Society of Japan (from 1997)

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