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Title Senior Assistant Professor
Belong to Dept. of Nursing
Center for Nursing Practicum Support
Nursing (graduate school)
Graduated Aichi Prefectural University
Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
Qualification Midwife, Nurse, Public Health Nurse
Academic Institutional Membership Japan Academy of Mideifery
Japan Maternity Nursing
Japan Academy of Nursing Science
Japanese Society for Breastfeeding Reserch
Japan Society of Maternal Health
Japan Society of Nursing Reserch
Field of Study Maternity Nursing Science
Research, Studies Puerperal Nursing
Curriculum Specialized Maternity Nursing ScienceⅠ/Ⅱ, Maternity Nursing Clinical Training, Nursing Reserch

Academic Papers, Critique

Effect of Hot Fomentation on the Back on Mood of Promipara in Early Puerperium

Patterns of Breast Engorgement and Effects on Breast Engorgement on Hot Fomentation of the Back

History of Nursing to Breast Engorgement

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Uterine involution during the first postnatal week after cesarean section in Japanese women

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