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SAWADA Yasuhiro


Title Senior Assistant Professor
Belong to Dept. of Occupational Therapy
Center for Occupational Therapy Practicum Support
Rehabilitation Sciences (graduate school)
Graduated Kobe university Graduate school oh health science
Degree Doctor Health Sciences
Qualification Occupational therapy
Academic Institutional Membership Japanese Association of Occpational Therapists
Japan Society for Higher Brain Dysfunction
Nueropsychology Assosition of Japan
Field of Study Occupational therapy for stroke
Research, Studies Occupational therarpy highter brain dysfunction

Academic Papers, Critique

Frontal lobe activity during simulated driving-Differences between healthy individuals and individuals with brain damage-. Bulletin of Health Sciences Kobe, p27-44, 2019

Frontal-Lobe Activation in Healthy Adults Using A Driving Simulator International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. p2-6, 2018

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