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MIURA Yoichi


Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of History and Geography
History and Geography (graduate school)
Graduated Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of Social Studies
Academic Institutional Membership The Historical Science Society of Japan, History Educationalist Conference of Japan
Field of Study Political Diplomatic History of Modern Japan (Japanese History, Establishment of Japan-US Security System)
Research, Studies Analysis of Japanese Diplomacy in the 1950s, Theory of Historical Education, Analysis of Process of Forming Japanese History Image
Curriculum Specialized Political Science Lecture

Books Published, Translation

J. W. Dower, Embracing Defeat, Iwanami Shoten, 2001

Shigeru Yoshida and San Francisco Peace Treaty, Vols. 1 and 2, Otsuki Shoten, 1996

Contemporary History of Japan, Vol. 2: Conversion of Occupation Policy and Peace (joint work), Aoki Shoten, 1990

The Virtual Image and Actual Image of Modern History of Japan, Vol. 4 (joint work), Otsuki Shoten, 1989

The 15-Year War History, Vol. 4: Occupation and Peace (joint work), Aoki Shoten, 1989

Bisson's Memoirs of Occupation of Japan (translation), Sanseido, 1983

Social Activities

Writing Member of Gifu Prefectural History: Modern Edition

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