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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Computer Science (graduate school)
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Dept. of Electronics and Information Engineering
Graduated Master's Program in Science and Engineering at Tsukuba University
Degree Dr. of Engineering, Tsukuba University
Academic Institutional Membership IEEE(AP-S Nagoya Chair.)
Field of Study Communication and information network system, Wireless access system, Mobile telecommunication system, Antenna system engineering
Research, Studies Communication and information engineering
Curriculum Specialized Communication and information engineering

Books Published, Translation

Antenna and the Relational Technology for Wireless communication(Japanese, joint work), MImatsu Co., Ltd., 2003

New Digital Mobile Communication(Japanese, joint work), Science News Ltd., 2003

Mobile Communication Handbook, New Edition(Japanese, joint work), Ohmsha, Ltd., 2002

Mobile Antenna Systems(Japanese, joint work), Sougou Denshi Publishing Company, 2000

Design Techniques for Mobile Communication Equipments(Japanese, joint work), Triceps Co., Ltd., 1988

Academic Papers, Critique

Series Fed Beam Scanning Antenna Employing Multi Stage Configured Microstrip Antennas with Tunable Reactance Devices, IEICE Transactions on Communications Vol.E88-B,No.6, 2005

Frequency Correlation Characteristics due to Antenna Configurations in Broadband MIMO Transmission, IEICE Transactions on Communications Vol.E88-B,No.6, 2005

Millimeter-wave High-efficiency Multilayer Parasitic Microstrip Antenna Array on Teflon Substrate, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol.53, No.6, 2005

Channel Capacity of TDD-OFDM-MIMO for Multiple Access Points in a Wireless Single-Frequency-Network, Special Issue of the International Springer Journal on Wireless Personal Communications. Vol.35, No.1-2, 2005

Recent Antenna System Technologies for Next-generation Wireless Communications, NTT Technical Review Vol. 3, No. 9, 2005

FDTD Analysis of Dual Frequency Printed Dipole Antenna, John Wiley & Sons, Electronics and Communications in Japan (Part II Electronics), Vol.86, No.10, 2003

Advanced LOS Path-Loss Model in Microcellular Mobile Communications, IEEE Trans. on Vehicular

Technology, Vol.49, No.6, 2002

Multipath Propagation Model of Spatio-temporal Dispersion Observed at Base Station in Urban Areas, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol.20, No.6, 2002

High Performance Portable Telephone Antenna Employing a Flat-type Open Sleeve, IEICE Transactions on Electronics, Vol. E79C, No. 5, 1996

Small ARGOS transmitter - Route search of migratory birds by ARGOS system- (Japanese), NTT R&DJune, 1992

A Diversity Performance Analysis of Paralleled Two Dipole Antennas Mounted on a Small Metal Body (Japanese), Tras. On IEICE B-II,Vol.J75-B-II,No.9, 1992

The relation between the Antenna Effective Gain in Multipath Propagation Environments and the length of Metal Housing for a Small Radio Unit (Japanese), Tras. On IEICE B-II,Vol.J75-B-II, No.10, 1992

An Experimental Study of Antennas for a Small Radio Unit Attached on an Animal (Japanese), Tras. On IEICE B-II,Vol.J75-B-II, No.12, 1992

Base and Mobile Station Antennas for Land Mobile Radio Systems, IEICE Transactions on Electronics, Vol.E74, No.6, 1991

Diversity Antennas for Base and Mobile Stations in Land Mobile Communication Systems, IEICE Transactions on Electronics, Vol.E74, No.10, 1991

Performance Analysis of a Built-in planar Inverted F Antenna for 800MHz Band Portable Radio Units, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas, Vol.SAC-5, 1987

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Topics of Portable Telephone Antenna on Mobile Communication (Japanese), IPSJ Magazine,Vol.10,No.40, 1999

Social Activities

IEEE AP-S(Antennas and Propagation Society) Japan Chapter Secretary

ISAP(International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation) Steering Committee Secretary

Post office, Wireless communication study group, Sub-working group leader (from 1999 to 2000)


Patent:Portable Telephone(No.6-112722(Japan))etc., 100 cases(including Utility Model)

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