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MIURA Taichi


Title Senior Assistant Professor
Belong to College of Humanities
School of General Education, Liberal Arts Education Program (Humanities and Social Literacy)
Graduated King's College London
Degree Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy (King's College London))
Academic Institutional Membership British Society for the History of Philosophy
International Plato Society
The Classical Society of Japan
The Philosophical Association of Japan
The Japanese Society for Ethics

Field of Study Ancient Greek Philosophy, Plato
Research, Studies Madness in Ancient Greek Philosophy

Academic Papers, Critique

Immortality and Imperishability of the Soul in the Final Argument of Plato's Phaedo, Plato's Phaedo: Selected Papers from the Eleventh Symposium Platonicum, Academia Verlag, pp193-198, 2018

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Holistic Medicine In Plato's Charmides, 14th London Ancient Science Conference, Feb., 2020.

Is the Philosophical Life Ascetic? The Affinity Argument (Phaedo, 78b-84b), The Second Ancient Philosophy Triangle Graduate Colloquium, Jun., 2018

Self-Discovery in the Agent of Recollection: The Recollection Argument in Plato's Phaedo, The 12th London Ancient Science Conference, Feb., 2018

The Soul-Harmonia Theory and its criticism in Plato's Phaedo (85e3-86d3, 91c7-95a3), British Society for the History of Philosophy, Annual Conference, Apr., 2017

The immortality and imperishability of the soul: Plato's final proof of the soul's immortality in Phaedo (102a-107b), XI Symposium Platonicum - Plato's Phaedo, Jul., 2016

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