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Place of Birth Tokyo
Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Communications
Languages and Cultures (graduate school)
Institute of Global Humanics
Graduated Keio University, Graduate School of Letters
Degree Master of Arts
Academic Institutional Membership The Linguistic Society of America, The International Pragmatics Association, The Society for Text and Discourse, The English Linguistic Society of Japan, The Linguistic Society of Japan, The Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences
Field of Study Sociolinguistics, English Linguistics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Conversational Analysis, Analysis of Verbal/ Nonverbal Behavior in Media
Research, Studies Media and Language/Expression
Curriculum Specialized Language and Society, Discourse Analysis, Seminar in Media Communication CD, Cultural Information Design Project AB

Books Published, Translation

Umberto Eco. Interpretation and Overinterpretation: Iwanami Humanities Selection Edition (joint translation), Iwanami Shoten, 2013

Association Frequency Tables : Three-mora Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana Words (joint work), Nakanishiya, 2011

The Science of Measuring: 12 Episodes, CHUOKORON-SHINSHA, INC., pp.259-287, 2007

Measuring: Volume 2, Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies, pp.157-178, 2007

Constructing a Model Curriculum for Media Communication Education (joint work), Private Edition, 2007

The Kenkyusha Bibliographical Guide to English Linguistics and Philology: Linguistics II (joint work), Kenkyusha, 2000

Umberto Eco. Interpretation and Overinterpretation (joint translation), Iwanami Shoten, 1993

Robert Scholes. Structuralism in Literature: An Introduction (joint translation), Iwanami Shoten, 1992

Robert Scholes. Protocols of Reading (joint translation), Iwanami Shoten, 1991

Academic Papers, Critique

Effects of IT Facilities and IT Education in College of Humanities, Chubu University on the Moderation of Freshmen's Computer Anxiety: Results of a Five-years' Longitudinal Survey (joint work). Journal of Chubu University Education No.16, 2016

The Effects of IT Facilities on the Moderation of Humanities Freshmen's Computer Anxiety (joint study). Journal of Chubu University Education No.10, 2010

Survey of the Generation Gap in the Use of Japanese Demonstrative Pronouns, "SONO" and "ANO": Discussions from Psychological and Linguistic Perspectives (joint work). Journal of the College of Humanities No.19, 2010

Self Introduction for Job Hunting. Kokubungaku (Japanese Literature) No.51-12, 2006

Introducing an E-Learning System in Media Communication Education., Journal of Chubu University Education 4, 2004

The Relation of the Notion of Face and Linguistic Politeness., Bulletin of the Department of Anglo-American Language and Culture, Teikyo University 31, 2000

Face, Place, and Linguistic Politeness: A Reexamination of "Face-Work" Phenomenon., Colloquia 20, 1999

Negative Transfer of Rhetorical Strategies among EFL Students. Bulletin of the Department of English, Teikyo University 29, 1998

Investigating Communicative Competence for Contrastive Studies: Contrasting Speech Acts across Cultures - The Case of “Apologies", Bulletin of the Department of English, Teikyo University 23, 1992

Greeting in Black American English, The Teikyo Journal of Comparative Cultures 4, 1991

Pragmatics: The State of the Art (joint work), L' ESPRIT D' AUJOURD' HUI 287, 1991

Discourse and Paragraph - Visions and Revisions (joint work), Geibun-Kenkyu 48, 1986

Implication and Modal Verbs, Geibun-Kenkyu 47, 1985

On the Meanings of the English Modal Verbs, Colloquia 3, 1982

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Media Literacy: To be called a " ○○ Joshi. Lecture Series "To survive the 21st Century" by Kasugai Women's Association, 2016

Women Communicated through Mass Media:To be called a "○○ Joshi. Department of Lifelong Education, Nagoya City Board of Education / Nagoya City Gender Equality Promotion Center 2015 Lifelong Education Lecture Series, 2015

Disaster Mitigation and Ad Likeability: Japanese Public's Attitudes toward Post-March 11 PSAs (joint work), 2013 Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 2013

The Current Form of the "Media" Mediating between God and Man. Joint Review Meeting "Discussion over Media Studies" for The Birth of Media: Mediator of the Sacred and the Profane by Hidetoshi Kato, Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies, 2010

The Influence of New Communication Media on the Use of Japanese Demonstrative Pronouns, "SONO" and "ANO" (joint work). The 50th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Educational Psychology (Tokyo Gakugei University), 2008

The Role of the University: Aiming for Dialogue between the Humanities and the Sciences and the Resulting Concentration of the Intellect (joint work), Kesshu No.7, Chubu University, 2006

Metaphors that Measure the world, Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies: Studies Forum Series 30, 2004

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