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Year of Birth 1963
Place of Birth Aichi
Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Physical Therapy
Center for Physical Therapy Practicum Support
Health Sciences (graduate school)
Biomedical Sciences (graduate school)
Graduated Graduate School of Natural Science, Nagoya City University
Degree Ph.D.
Qualification Physical Therapist, Health fitness instructor
Academic Institutional Membership The Japanese Physical Therapy Association
The Japanese Scociety of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
The Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
The Japanese Society of Physio Therapeutics
Field of Study Physical Therapy, Health Promotion
Research, Studies Therapeutic Exercise and Health Promotion
Curriculum Specialized Physical Therapy in Motility Disturbance, Health Promotion Study, International Cooperation and Rehabilitation

Academic Papers, Critique

Acute effects of bicycle ergometer exercise with varying pedal cadence on lower limb function in frail older adults, Physical Therapy Japan, 2011


UNDP(Republic of Zimbabwe, St.Giles Rehabilitation Centre, 1996-1999)

JICA(Republic of Malawi, Kamuzu Central Hospital, 1987-1990)

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