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ANDO Fumio


Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry (graduate school)
Graduated Chubu Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Engineering
Degree Dr. of Engineering, Chubu Institute of Technology
Academic Institutional Membership The Chemical Society of Japan, The American Chemical Society, The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry Japan, Catalysis Society of Japan, The Electrochemical Society of Japan, The Society of Polymer Science Japan
Field of Study Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Heteroatom Chemistry
Research, Studies Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Main-Group and Organometallic Compounds, Organophosphorus and Bismuth Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Curriculum Specialized Organic Synthetic Chemistry (at Graduate School); Organic Synthetic Chemistry, Organic Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory, Organic Synthetic Chemistry Recitation, Environmental Chemistry

Academic Papers, Critique

Correlation Analyses between the Mobilities on Paper Electrophoresis of Alkylsubstituted Phosphonium Ions, Nippon Kagaku Kaishi, No. 2, 2001

Paper Electrophoresis of Alkyl Triphenylphosphonium Ions, Electrochemistry, Vol. 68, 2000

Novel Organophosphorus Agrochemicals Containing Heterocycric Rings, Annual Reports of Development of Production Engineering, Center of Chubu Univ., Vol. 12, 2000

Development of Water-soluble Inner Mold Material for Injection Molding of Engineering Plastics, Annual Reports of Development of Production Engineering, Center of Chubu Univ., Vol. 11, 1999

Theoretical Investigation of Stevens Rearrangement of P and As Ylides. Migration of H, CH3, CH=CH2, SiH3 and GeH3 Groups on P and As Atoms, Journal of American Chemistry Society, Vol. 120, 1998

Ylides Generation from Phosphonium and Arsonium Salts by Electroreduction and Their Oxidation and Wittig Reaction, Nippon Kagaku Kaishi, Vol. 1998, 1998

Synthesis of Ti (DPM)2(OCH3)2 and Evaluation of TiO2 Films Prepared by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition, Japan Journal Appl. Phys., Vol. 36, No. 9B, 1997

Lectures, Symposium, Presentation

Synthesis, Reactivities and Biological Activities of Phospholenes Bearing Heteroaromatic Ring on Phosphorus Atom, The 2000 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Honolulu, 2000

Synthesis and Reactions of Phospholenes having Heteroaromatic Rings on the Phosphorus Atoms, The 26th Symposium on Heteratom Chemistry, 1999

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