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Title Professor
Belong to Dept. of International Studies
International Relations (graduate school)
School of General Education, Language Education Program (Foreign Language)
Graduated Fudan University, China
Degree Dr. of Buddhism, Komazawa University
Academic Institutional Membership Folklore Society of Japan
Field of Study Cultural Anthropology (including Ethnology and Folklore)
Research, Studies Religious Rite and Beliefs of China, Shamanism in the East Asia,A Reformed Religion in the Transition to Market Economy,The Death Ritual in Shanghai China
Curriculum Specialized Comparative Religion B, Chinese

Books Published, Translation

Shamen's diagram (joint work), National Publishing House, 2002

The Shaman of the Orochon Nationality (translation), Dai-Ichi Shobo, 1999

Puppet Show in Asia (joint work), Bensey Publishing Inc., 1999

Divinities and Sacrifices in East Asia (joint work), Yuzankaku, 1998

Religious Rite and Beliefs of China (Vol. I, II), Dai-Ichi Shobo, 1998

The Comparative Researches of the Folk Sacrificial Etiquette Among China, Japan and Korea (translation), The Financial Group Legal Person - Shi He Zheng Folk Culture Foundation, 1997

Asian Rice Culture and Japan (joint work), Yuzankaku, 1996

Between the Deity and Human being - The study of the Chinese Folk Sacrificial Etiquette and Belief, Guang xi National Publishing House, 1996

The Specter in Japan (translation), China Encyclopedia Publishing House, 1990

Tower of Pearls, Zhong Zhou Ancient Press, 1987

Academic Papers, Critique

Out with the old, in with the new: the current status of folk traditions in Shanghai around the Spring festival, Chubu International Review, No.11, 2016

The current status of faith-based activities by residents in Shanghai -A Study of Annual Event by Buddhists and Taoists-, Chubu International Review, No.10, 2015

The Revival of Buddhism Temples in the National Park-On the Sacred Island of Kuanyin Buddha, Putuoshan-, Chubu International Review, No.8, 2013

The Death Ritual in Shanghai,China(Part B)-Changes since 1949-,Chubu International Review, No.7, 2012

The Death Ritual in Shanghai,China(Part A)-Study of the death ritual from the late Qing Dynasty to 1949-,Chubu International Review, No.6, 2011

Status and Trends of Japanese Shaman Cultural Studies -Based on Japanese Scholars Studies About the Possession Beliefs of Shaman-, The Shaman Culture Forum Anthology, JILIN People’s Publisher, 2011

A Reformed Religion in the Transition to Market Economy - Change and Revival of Taoism in Shanghai, China -,Chubu International Review, No.5, 2010

Revival of the Buddhism in Shanghai China,Chubu International Review, No.3, 2008

Revival of the folk religion in China,the Qing Jiao Ci Ji palace was regarded as a core in Haicang district Xia Men city Fu Jian province, ARENA, No.3,2006

Evenki society and Shamanism in China ,It is regarded as a core of "Ominarang" ritual of Solon Evenki, Shamanic and social anthropological Study about various nations in same Altaic language in Northeast China, Nanzan University Anthropological Institute, 2004

Studies on Japanese Shamanism, Shamanic Culture: The Collection of International Conference of Shamanic Culture, Jilin People Publishing House, 2003

The performance of Gods: working around the center of the "yeshenji" of Shamanistic Rite of Manchu, J. of the College of International Studies, No. 27, 2001

The Structural Form of the Northern Shaman's Sacrificial Rite: According to Orochon's Spring Sacrifice and Manchu's Family Sacrifice as a Major Observing Objects, Northern Nation, No. 41, 2000

Shamanistic Rite of the Manchu: A Case Study on the "Jiaji" Rite, J. of the College of International Studies, No. 25, 2000

Wizard and Assistant Patron Saint: Concerning the Research of Wizard fox's Belief in Northeast Area, The Folk Melody and Art, No. 118, 1999

Shamanism in the Northeast China: A Case Study on the "Dashen"(Great God) Shamans in Shuangcheng Area of Heilongjiang Province, J. of the College of International Studies, No. 23, 1999

The Heritable Customs of the Corpses: Various Forms and Characters of the Corpses in the Folk Sacrificial Etiquette (Vol. 1, Vol. 2), National Art, No. 42 and No. 43, 1996

The Spirit Belief of Drum and Drum, Sino-Japanese Culture Studies, No. 8, 1995

The Visiting Deity of an Incarnated Beggar - Start from the Chinese New Year's Customs: Buddha of Wealth Calls at the House, Occasional Papers, No. 41, 1994

The Performing Place of the Folk Arts and Alter, Sino-Japanese Culture Studies, No. 4, 1993

The Sacrificial Activities Researches of the Plagued Boat in South Coast of the Yangtse River of China, China Folk Civilization, No. 12, 1993

Interflow between Deity and Human being and Interfuse into one, National Art, No. 29, 1992

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