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Dept. of Occupational Therapy

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
HASEGAWA Ryuichi Professor Occupational therapy, Health promotion Effects of community-based exercise on older adults
HASEGAWA Yasuhiro Professor Clinical Neurology, Neurovegetative research Clinical Neurovegetative research, Clinical Neurological study
ITO Reiko Assistant Professor Occupational Therapy of Developmental Disorders Parent-Child Relationship of Children with Developmental Disorders, Parenting Stress of Mothers of Children with Developmental Disorders
MAKISE Hidemoto Associate Professor Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis Psychopathology, Art therapy, Pathography
MUKAI Fumio Professor Rehabilitation for persons with mental disorder,Psychiatric occupational Therapy Psychiatric Occupational Therapy, Life Support and Employment Support for persons with mental disorder or developmental disorder
NAKAGAWA Yoshiro Senior Assistant Professor occupational therapy in mental health
OKANO Akio Professor Occupational Therapy, Hand Therapy Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction
SAKAKIBARA Akira Associate Professor Cell biology
SAWADA Yasuhiro Senior Assistant Professor Occupational therapy for stroke Occupational therarpy highter brain dysfunction
*SHIOZU Hiroyasu Senior Assistant Professor Occupational Therapy for children What is the guidance for occupational enablement and engagement? Website
TAJIMA Orie Associate Professor Biochemistry, Glycobiology, Exercise Nutrition Molecular mechanism in the maintenance/degeneration of the nervous systems by glycosphingolipids
TANIKAGA Miki Senior Assistant Professor occupational therapy for cognitive dysfunction assessment and intervention for cognitive dysfunction in occupational therapy
TSUDA Satoko Associate Professor Child health, School Health Sex Education in Children and Adolescents with Disabilities
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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