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Dept. of Physical Therapy

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
KATO Chikako Professor Geriatric Physical Therapy, Community-based Physical Therapy Falls prevention for the elderly
KOBAYASHI Masanori Professor
MATSUDA Teru Associate Professor Pain, Nerve惻Muscle Physiology, Physical Agents Pain of muscle
*MIYAMOTO Yasunori Associate Professor Child with disabilities welfare, Welfare for people with disabilities, Senior citizen welfare About an independent campaign at special support school
MIYASHITA Koji Professor physical therapy, sports injury, biomechanics sports motion analysis, Factor analysis of sports injuries
SATO Jun Professor Weather Pain, Meteoropathy, Sympathetically Maintained Pain Mechanism of weather pain and sympathetically maintained pain Website
TAKEDA Kozue Associate Professor Immunology, Molecular biology redox-mediated tyrosine kinase activation, tumor regulator
TODA Kaoru Professor Evaluation in Physical Therapy,Community-based Rihabilitation Deep Sensory
*TOMINAGA Keizo Senior Assistant Professor Anatomy,Surfece Anatomy Quantitative evaluation of spasticity in people suffering from stroke - Verification of the usefulness of the system using independent component analysis -
TSUSHIMA Akira Professor Physical Therapy, Health Promotion Therapeutic Exercise and Health Promotion
UEMURA Kazuhide Associate Professor Pharmacology, Pathobiochemistry Roles of mammalian lectins in inflammatory diseases
*YAZAWA Hironari Senior Assistant Professor Physical Therapy, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy Education Preventive physical therapy, Shoulder joint position sense
YONEZAWA Hisayuki Professor Physical Therapy, Mathematical Biology Pulmonary Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Education
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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