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Dept. of Early Childhood Education

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
ASANO Toshikazu Professor
*HANAI Tadayuki Vice-President, Professor Sports science, Human Growth and Development, Test and measurement, Physical Education of Young Children Research on the body and motor development of young children, children with developmental disorders, low birth weight infants,Study on physical fitness and lifestyle habit,Development of group formation and communication in young children,Risk management of early childhood educational environment
HASHIMOTO Etsuko Research Associate
MUTO Hisae Professor Develomental Disabilities, Clinical Psychology Early Intervention for the children with Developmental Disabilities, Counselling and Social Support for the family with Developmental Disabilities
OKOUCHI Osamu Professor
SENDA Takahiro Senior Assistant Professor
SHIONOYA Mayumi Associate Professor
SO Jinyi Associate Professor Social Welfare, Child and Family Welfare Research on the Profession of the social workers and the Care Workers
*TAJIMI Satomi Designated Senior Assistant Professor
TERAI Ikuko Associate Professor Music Education for Children's Expression Piano Method as Dhildren's Accompanist
WAKEBIKI Masumi Professor
YAMAMOTO Saimi Senior Assistant Professor
Yang, Yi Associate Professor History of Educational Thought, Comparative Education Aesthetic Education, Children's Emotional Intelligernce
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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