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Dept. of Contemporary Education

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
AJIOKA Yui Senior Assistant Professor Ecology Habitat wide area evaluation for no net loss of genetic diversity in SATOYAMA indicator
*ARAI Zin Professor Mathematics Dynamical Systems, Computational Topology Website
*BANNO Shigenori Distinguished Professor
BANNO Yukihiko Designated Professor
*CHIBA Takashi Associate Professor Japanese Linguistics Missionary Linguistics
FUKAYA Keisuke Professor Pedagogy, Methodology of education, History of Education, Social studies Independent Learning in the modern Japanese school Website
FURUICHI Machiko Associate Professor
HASHIMOTO Yoshihiko Designated Professor
ITOH Sanami Professor Special Needs Education Method of Support for Children with Disabilities
KOIKE Yoshiyuki Associate Professor Arithmetic and Mathematics pedagogy A Study of Teaching Methods to Promote Elaboration in Problem-Solving Classes for Arithmetic and Mathematics
KOYASU Jun Professor Curriculum theory, Educational Methods Study of the construction principle of the curriculum
*KUDO Takeshi Professor Geophysics Study of the visco-elastic properties in the Earth's crust and its response to the stress accumulation
MATSUBARA You Professor
MISHIMA Koji Professor Social Psychology, School Psychology, Educational Psychology Exclusivity and Intimacy in Friendship Focusing on Problematic of Exclusivity
NAGAO Hiroko Professor
NAKASHIMA Shingo Senior Assistant Professor
OCHI Hiroko Associate Professor
*OKUSHIMA Teruaki Professor Nonlinear Physics Quantal and Classical dynamics of many-dimensional systems
OTA Nobuyuki Associate Professor
*SANO Mitsuru Vice-President, Professor
*SUZUMURA Fumiko Distinguished Professor
TAKAGI Toru Professor Modern Japanese Literature, Teaching Japanese Language Fukunaga Takehiko :Art of Fiction, Teaching Japanese Literature
TATSUTA Yuko Associate Professor
*TERAI Hajime Professor
*YAMAMOTO Saimi Senior Assistant Professor
*YAMASHITA Yasuyuki Associate Professor Experimental Planetary Science Experimental Study of Physical Properties and Physical Effect of Shock Phenomenon of Non-Water Ice in Outer Solar System
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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