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Dept. of Computer Science

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
ITAI Akitoshi Senior Assistant Professor Signal Processing Blind source separation, Biosignal processing, Sound analysis
IWAHORI Yuji Professor Computer Vision, Image and Pattern Recognition, Medical Image Analysis, Mixed Reality 3-D Shape Recovery, Medical Image Recognition, Object Detection and Tracking, Pattern Classification, Generation of Image Database Website
KIMURA Hideaki Professor
*MATSUI Tohgoroh Professor Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning Healthcare data analytics, Financial data analytics Website
NAKAMURA Tsuyoshi Professor
OKUI Satoshi Associate Professor Symbolic Computation Term Rewriting, Automated Equational Deduction, Functional, Logic Programming
SUZUKI Yuri Professor Software Development Technology, Information Systems on Networks Practical Education for Computer Software, Research on the Distribution and Infrastructure of the Digital Contents
TADAKI Kohtaro Professor Algorithmic Randomness Algorithmic Randomness and Its Applications to Science and Technology in General Website
USAMI Hiroyasu Assistant Professor
YAMAMOTO Kazumasa Professor Spoken Language Processing, Speech Signal Processing Natural spoken dialogue system, Robust speech recognition, Acoustic event detection, Speech emotion recognition Website
YAMASHITA Takayoshi Professor Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Learning Object Detection, Object Tracking, Gesture Recognition, Deep Learnin Website
YAMAUCHI Koichiro Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition Bio-inspired Learning algorithms, Application of machine learning methods for renewal energy systems, Maximum Power Point Tracking micro-converter for photovoltaic, Incremental learning method for small embedded systems
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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