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Dept. of Applied Chemistry

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
ANDO Fumio Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Heteroatom Chemistry Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Main-Group and Organometallic Compounds, Organophosphorus and Bismuth Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
*CHIKUMOTO Noriko Professor Superconducting Materials, Material Science, Applied Physics The mechanism and physical properties of the superconducting materials, in particular, the physics of vortex matter and flux pinning. Development of large critical current coated superconductors for practical application. Search for new high critical temperature superconducting materials. Website
HABAUE Shigeki Professor Synthetic Polymer Chemistry Development of novel functional polymer materials
ISHIKAWA Eri Professor Inorganic Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization, and Solution Chemistry of Polyoxometalates
*ITO Hibiki Professor
MIYAUCHI Toshiyuki Associate Professor Analytical Chemistry Developing novel functional materials based on biomass
MORIYA Seira Senior Assistant Professor Hybrid Materials, Polymer Science Development of High Functional-High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites
NAKASHIMA Erika Senior Assistant Professor Environmental engineering Flame Retardancy, Flow Chemistry
NINOMIYA Yoshihiko Professor Environmental Chemical Engineering Clinker formation mechanism in biomass combustion and gasification, Ash deposition and melting behavior in coal combustion and gasification, Prediction of ash deposition behavior using deep learning, A new hydrogen production technology aimed at reducing CO2 emissions
NIYOMURA Osamu Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry Synthesis and Structure of Main Group Element Compounds
SAKAMOTO Wataru Professor Processing and Properties Evaluation of Inorganic Functional Materials Development of Environmentally Friendly Functional Materials
SAKURAI Makoto Professor Industrial Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Phosphates Synthesis and Property of P-O and P-N Compounds, Material Research for Phosphates
TAKAHASHI Makoto Professor Material Science, Electrochemistry Preparation and Characterization of Electro-Deposited Semiconductor Thin Film
YABUUCHI Kazuhiro Associate Professor Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Functional Materials Functionalization of Self-Assembled Materials
YAMADA Naoomi Professor Solid state chemistry, Thin film electronic materials Thin films for sustainable-energy, thin film photovoltaics
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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