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Business Administration (graduate school)

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*AOKI Takatsugu Associate Professor Marketing, Competitive strategy, IT-Manegement,Consumer behavior Consumer behavior research in social media, competitive strategy research
*FUJII Tatsuro Associate Professor Corporate Finance Payout Policy
*FUJITA Terunori Designated Professor
*HAMADA Tomomi Senior Assistant Professor
*ITO Kayo Associate Professor Environmental Management,Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics Standardization(Environmental Management Systems, Grapical symbol for the use on equipment, Education for standardization, Environmental Management,Environmental Policy, Industrial Policy Website
*KODAMA Mitsuharu Professor Management of Technology, Information Technology Corporate Management, Entrepreneurship, Management of Thinking
*MAEDA Kazuaki Professor Software Engineering, System Software Object-Oriented Programming, Open Source Software Website
*MORIOKA Takafumi Professor Inter-Corporate Theory and Management Inter-Corporate Alliance. Innovative Management of Small Business
*NISHIDA Toyoaki Associate Professor
*TATSUOKA Ryoji Professor Interplanetary Space Physics, Time Series Data Processing, Image Processing Study on Cosmic Ray Modulation, Background Image Removal, CAI Software
*YAMASHITA Hirotake Professor Product management,Industrial Engineering,Supply Chain Management Business Process Re-engineering
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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