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Dept. of Nursing

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
*ANDO Tomoko Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer) Psychiatric Nursing Thing about loneliness, the tangle of a nurse working in facilities
ARAKAWA Naoko Senior Assistant Professor Nursing informatics, Nursing education Developing and Evaluating nursing database system, Evaluating education methods of nursing simulation
DAIOKU Tomihiko Senior Assistant Professor Emergency/Intensive Care, Cancer Nursing, Radiological Nursing Study of Simulation education, Cancer nursing & Radiation exposure education
EJIRI Harumi Professor Critical Care Nursing Criticalcare nursing, PICS, End of life care for family in critical care, Nursing simulation
HAYASE Ryo Associate Professor Funmamentals of nursing, Social psychology team medical care
HORI Fumiko Associate Professor Fundamental Nursing Technology of Nursing, Nursing Education
HORII Naoko Professor Home Nursing Method of educating nursing study,Cancer nursing,Research on reinstatement support
*HOTTA Kiyoshi Assistant Professor (Practicum Lecturer) Gerontological Nursing Emotional intelligence, Nursing home
*IKAMI Misa Assistant Professor (Practicum Lecturer) Nursing Education Patient-Student Relations
ISHII Makoto Associate Professor Child Nursing Nursing for children with asthma and parents
*ITO Kaori Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
KODAMA Mayumi Senior Assistant Professor
KOMATSU Makiko Professor
MIWA Miki Associate Professor Chronic Illness Nursing Diabetes Care, Well-being, Physical activity
MIYATAKE Makiko Senior Assistant Professor Public Health Nursing Maternal and Health, Support for Childrearing
*MORI Yukihiro Assistant Professor (Practicum Lecturer) Gerontological nursing Gerontological Nursing Education, Epidemiology of COVID-19
*NAKAYAMA Satomi Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
NATSUME Mikiko Senior Assistant Professor nursing ethics, nursing informatics education of nursing ethics, patients information privacy
*NIINOMI Shoko Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer) Child Health Nursing, School Health Inclusive Education, Nursing for Children with Disabilities
OGATA Akemi Senior Assistant Professor Gerontological Nursing Nursing and Medical Care
OJIO Yasuyo Associate Professor Home Care Nursing Case study of the Home-visit Nursing, Home care nurses for the children
*OKAKURA Misaki Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer) Maternity Nursing Science Grief
OMURA Tomoko Professor Child Health Nursing Nursing care of children and the family with allergic disease
*OTANI Kagari Assistant Professor (Practicum Lecturer) visiting nursing, medical anthropology visiting nurseTechniques, health condition of Brzilian people who live in Japan
*SAWAI Aya Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
SHIBUYA Naoko Professor Psychiatric Nursing, Mental Health Nursing of Patients with Schizophrenia(and other mental illness) and their family-members, Emotions(anger) of nurses, Assertions
*SHIMIZU Izumi Assistant Professor (Practicum Lecturer) Child Health Nursing Nursing for the father of a child admitted to NICU
*SHIMOMURA Sarina Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
SHIRAISHI Tomoko Professor Public Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Occupational Health Nursing Public Health Nursing Skill Education, Instruction Method for Public Health Nurse Students, Competencies of Public Health Nurses, Nursing Informatics for Public Health Nurses
TACHI Norihide Professor Public Health, Occupational and Environmental Health, Ergonomics Work-related fatigue, International cooperation in occupational health, Smoking or health
*TAGUCHI Emiko Designated Professor
*TAGUCHI Hiroko Assistant Professor (Practicum Lecturer) Chronic nursing Self-Care and Support for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients in the Workplace
*TANAKA Miho Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
*TOMII Yuka Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
UMEMOTO Mitsuko Professor
*YAMADA Reiko Professor Nursing Administration Human resources of nursing management science
*YAMAMOTO Tsukasa Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
YAMASHITA Megumi Senior Assistant Professor Maternity Nursing Science Puerperal Nursing
*YOKOBAYASHI Yasuko Research Associate (Practicum Lecturer)
YOKOTE Naomi Associate Professor Maternal and Child Health Nursing Nursing support for mother having cesarean section, Birth trauma, Development and effect of maternity sports
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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