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Dept. of Biomedical Sciences

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
ENDO Yuki Research Associate molecular biology thermoregulation
FURUKAWA Keiko Professor Biochemistry, Glycobiology Roles and molecular mechanisms of sialic acid-containing glycosphingolipids in the malignant phenotypes of human cancer.
GOTO Ayumi Research Associate Health Science, Physical therapy, Molecular biology Effect of heat stress on muscle energy metabolism Website
ICHIHARA Masatoshi Professor Pathology, Hematology, Molecular biology Elucidation of molecular mechanisms of the beneficial biological effects of molecular hydrogen, Identification of disease genes in BUF/Mna rats and elucidation of pathological mechanism caused by the mutations of these genes
*INOUE Chisato Assistant Professor (Practicum Lecturer) Medical Technology, Cell biology Elucidation and inhibition of photoreceptor cell death in retinitis pigmentosa
*ITO Morihiro Professor Microbiology, Virology, Radiology Studies on the cell Fusion Induced by Viruses, Analysis of fusion regulatory protein
IWAMOTO Takashi Professor Molecular Biology Analysis of miRNAs on cardiomyopathy, cognitive neuroscience and cancer
*IWATA Satoru Assistant Professor Genetics, Physiology Establishment of a method for effective chromosome engineering Website
KANEKO Kei Research Associate
KATANOSAKA Kimiaki Associate Professor Neurophysiology, Sensory physiology Sensory transduction mechanisms of the primary sensory neurons, relating pain and thermosensation.
KAWAMOTO Yoshiyuki Associate Professor Molecular immunology, Biochemistry, Cancer science Molecular analysis of cell signaling pathway in lymphocyte, Analysis of signaling modification by food factors in cells Website
KONDO Fumio Professor
MATSUMOTO Hiroyuki Professor Clinical Laboratory Science Research on quality assurance in Clinical Laboratory Science
NASU Teruaki Research Associate
NISHIZAWA Yuji Professor Anatomy, Cell Biology, Electron Microscopy, Biological Mass Spectrometory Developmental biology of the photoreceptor cells during retinal degeneration.
*NODA Akiko Professor Sleep Medicine, Medical Technology, Cardiology Sleep and cardiovascular disease
QIAO Shanlou Professor Pathology, Oncology, Cell Biology Our research goal is to identify the mechanisms by which the tumour microenvironment impacts on the initiation and progression of cancers, and discover anticancer agents from natural sources by targeting the tumor microenvironment for cancer therapy
*SAKAKIBARA Akira Associate Professor Cell biology
SHINTANI Seine Senior Assistant Professor Biophysics, physiology Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of contraction rhythmic homeostasis in warmed cardiomyocytes Website
*SOBUE Sayaka Associate Professor Cell biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology Analysis of biological effects of molecular hydrogen
*TAJIMA Orie Associate Professor Biochemistry, Glycobiology, Exercise Nutrition Molecular mechanism in the maintenance/degeneration of the nervous systems by glycosphingolipids
TAKADAMA Hiroaki Associate Professor Inorganic Biomedical Materials Development of Biomaterials such as Bone and Joint Repairing Materials
*TAKEDA Kozue Associate Professor Immunology, Molecular biology redox-mediated tyrosine kinase activation, tumor regulator
*TAKEUCHI Tamaki Senior Assistant Professor
TSURUDOME Masato Professor Virology, Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanism of Viral Membrane Fusion
*UEMURA Kazuhide Associate Professor Pharmacology, Pathobiochemistry Roles of mammalian lectins in inflammatory diseases
YAMAGUCHI Seiji Associate Professor Inorganic biomaterials Bone substitute, Artificial joint
YAMAMOTO Yukiya Professor Hematology and oncology Mechanism of leukemogenesis, Developing novel therapies. Website
YAMASHITA Hitoshi Professor Molecular Genetics, Biomedical Gerontology Mechanisms of thermoregulation, energy metabolism and aging
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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