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Dept. of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
ABE-DOHMAE Sumiko Professor Biochemistry Cholesterol homeostaisis in cellular functions
FUJIWARA Takayuki Professor
FUKASAWA Chika Research Associate
HASHIMOTO Riho Research Associate Biochemistry
KOBAYASHI Yumi Research Associate cookery Science Research on cooking process
KODA Michiko Associate Professor Nutrition Obesity, Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, epidemiology, Sports nutrition
KOZAI Hana Senior Assistant Professor Food management Food management, Food allergy, Nutrition in developing countries
KUSANO Yuri Associate Professor Food and Health Science Functional Analysis of Food Components Preventing Lifestyle-related Diseases.
LU Rui Associate Professor
MAENO Yoshitaka Professor Anatomy and Physiology Effects on cardiac function of the chemical substance Website
MISHIMA Satoshi Professor
MIYATA Shigeru Associate Professor Molecular Microbiology Study on bacterial virulence factors Website
MORIYAMA Ryuichi Professor Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Applied Microbiology Molecular Mechanism of Bacterial Spore Germination, Bio-defense against Bacterial Spores, Improvement of Protein Production by Microorganism, Structure and Function of Membrane Transporter
NAGASHIMA Mayumi Professor nutrition education、dietary education Study on method and evaluation method of nutrition education based on food science, Research on academic evaluation method of food education activities Website
OHNISHI Ritsuko Senior Assistant Professor Clinical nutrition Study of effective nutritional care and management
SHIMOMURA Yoshiharu Professor Nutritional Biochemistry Regulation of branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) catabolism and physiological functions of BCAA
TANAKA Mamoru Senior Assistant Professor Basic Nutrition Food allergy, Food immunology
TSUDA Takanori Professor Functional food science, Nutritional biochemistry Study for functional food factors (anti-obesity and anti-diabetes), Regulation of adipocyte function by food factors, Nutrigenomics
TSUJIMOTO Yoko Associate Professor
WATANABE Akiko Research Associate
YAMAMOTO Atsushi Professor Analytical chemistry / Food hygienics Food sanitation hazard analysis / Respiratory gas analysis / Incorporation of the biochemical material to analytical technique Website
YAMASHITA Sayaka Research Associate Public Health Nutrition Relationship between diet habits and health Website
YANO Chinami Research Associate Biochemistry Research on microbial metabolisms for producing useful substances
YOSHIMURA Kazuya Professor Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Physiology Analysis of redox regulation and oxidative stress defense mechanisms in higher plants
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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