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Dept. of History and Geography

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
ICHITANI Kazuo Professor Modern Chinese History Chinese Communist Revolution
KOBAYASHI Hiroyuki Professor History of science Exact sciences in Japan, China, and the West
MIURA Yoichi Professor Political Diplomatic History of Modern Japan (Japanese History, Establishment of Japan-US Security System) Analysis of Japanese Diplomacy in the 1950s, Theory of Historical Education, Analysis of Process of Forming Japanese History Image
MIZUNO Tomoyuki Professor Japanese medieval history Political hisory, The relation between the imperial court and shogunate during the Muromachi period, History of the TOKAI region
MORITA Tomoko Professor Modern Japanese History Study on Consular Jurisdiction in 19th Century
OTSUKA Toshiyuki Professor Urban Geography Urban Structure, Urban Regeneration
SASAI Machi Associate Professor Medieval European History Urban History of Medieval England
SHINOMIYA Yuji Professor
SUETA Tomoki Professor Economic Geography History of the Japanese Whaling Industry, Formation and Development Process of a Department Store in Japan
*WATANABE Nobuya Professor Geographic Information System(GIS),Remote Sensing Utilization of GeoInformatics in historical fields
YAMAMOTO Takatsugu Associate Professor Historical geography, Cultural geography Changes of landscape in Asian rural area, Development of Reagional Culture
YASUMOTO Shinya Associate Professor
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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