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Dept. of Robotic Science and Technology

Name Title Field of Study Research, Studies Website
FUJIYOSHI Hironobu Professor Image Information Engineering, Computer Vision Computer Vision for Visual Surveillance and Mobile Robots Website
HIRATA Yutaka Professor Biomedical Engineering, Systems Neuroscience, Space Neuroscience Physiological and computational studies on motor learning and memory in primates and fish, Studies on human papillary control system Website
INAGAKI Keiichiro Associate Professor Neuroscience, Computational Science, Neuroinformatics Website
KAJITA Shuuji Professor Robotics, Control Engineering biped robot, humanoid Robot
LEE, Jaeryoung Senior Assistant Professor Human Robot Interaction Social robots, Affective robots, Robot-assisted therapy Website
NAGASAKA Yasunori Professor Information Science, Robotics Autonomous Robot, Machine Learning
SOGO Takuya Professor Control Engineering Iterative Learning Control, Control of Non-minimum Phase Systems, Inverse Systems, Digital Control Website
TAKAMARU Hisanori Professor Simulation Science Plasma Simulation (Kinetics, MHD), Infrastructure on Integrated Computing System, Development of High Performance Computing Methods
UMEZAKI Taizo Professor Speech and Image Information Processing, Biometrics Security, Optical measurement, Welfare Engineering Personal authentication, 3D measurement engineering, Digital Holography, Venture business Website
YAMAUCHI Yuji Senior Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Intelligent Robot Object Detection, Cloud Robotics, Motion Planning Website
*This department is his/her secondary position.

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