2021 Vol.192021 Vol.197politically-censored conditions in the homeland. Drawing on the power of Diaspora Studies, this research will employ concepts such as “homeland imagine” and “return” to demonstrate the potential for clear deliberation and impact from outside the homeland through the diasporans.In sum, this study proposes that diversity and neutrality are key to the future of Nepal. In addition, this study contends that the Nepalese diasporans are a critical voice to promote ideas and steps toward diversity and neutrality for the future of Nepal. Their positions in the Nepalese diasporas allows them to form clear and informed insights into Nepalese affairs.My research focuses on the Nepalese diaspora and its connection to assisting and supporting political, economic, and social affairs in Nepal. This research will align the conditions of the Nepalese diaspora with features that are displayed by other migrant groups according to Diaspora Studies. I will highlight both unique and common conditions of the Nepalese diaspora according to Diaspora Studies and the diasporas of the world.(Note: The use of the terms “diaspora”and “diasporans” herein is similar to “migration studies” and “migrants”.)This research contends that diversity and neutrality are critical aims for stability and progress in Nepal. Together, diversity and neutrality allows Nepal to build stronger ties to important allies. Diversity needs to apply to worldwide connections: partnerships in business, trade, politics, health and science, education, sports, political alignments, membership in international organizations (UN, UNESCO), etc. In times of peace and non-crisis, Nepal must move to diversify the connections and build bonds not only to receive aid and support but to also offer aid and support to others. “Neutrality” becomes a means to maintain diplomatic relationships with China and India on Nepal’s borders and to build partnerships around the world.Through a context of stability afforded through diversity and neutrality, Nepal must continue to overcome a host of critical challenges into the immediate future: political corruption and turmoil, government mismanagement, infrastructure failings, Covid-19 and the variants, recurring pandemic viruses, natural disasters, geopolitical circumstances, etc. They represent serious roadblocks for Nepal’s development and progress.This study proposes that a critical voice and sector in tackling these issues are the Nepalese diasporans̶ Nepalese who live abroad in various diaspora or migrant situations, along with those who have interest in Nepalese affairs for humanitarian purposes. According to Diaspora Studies, the view and voices from afar through the diaspora toward the homeland are often clearer and better-informed due to oppressed and Neutrality and Diversity through the Nepalese Diaspora:the keys to sustenance, survival, and success for Nepal国際人間学研究科 国際関係学専攻 博士前期課程1年ドゥンガナ アビナンダン(DHUNGANA Avinandan)ネパール出身、2015年に留学、2017年3月に日本語学校卒業。2021年3月に愛知産業大学 経営学部 総合経営学科卒業。同年、中部大学大学院で国際人間学研究科に進学。

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