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10THE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE OVER A DECADE; DEVELOPING COUNTRY NEPALConclusionIndustries in Nepal are still not developed in terms of technology and production. But pollution from the industrial sector has affected the climate in large volume.. Mountainous nation Nepal is also damaged by climate change.ReferencesNational Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) August 25, 2019International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) icimod.orgAccessed: August 25, 2019National Geographic Channel, Climate Change Stories August 26,2019Republica,February 3, 2018(Nepalese English Daily Newspaper)Available from: https://myrepublica.nagariknetwork.comSharma,Kandel Devi Prasad, (2009), Trade and Industry of Nepal during the Rana Period, Ratna Pustak Bhandar, KathmanduIntroduction  Industrial DevelopmentIn a way Nepalese industrial sector has been developed in comparison to former technology and condition. But the steps to make Nepalese industrial sector more advanced and better are the concerned areas. Climate change and affected areas, organizations and people related to this field are interviewed so that the actual condition of Nepal by climate change could be resembled. Pollution by the development of industrial sector and remedial ways are elaborated. Industrial development plays vital role for any nation to uplift in economic sector. Nepalese industry from the starting of the ancient period, manufactured many kinds of metallic and wooden as well as cotton and woolen goods. And the same tradition was followed in the modern period as well. Talking about modern industries in Nepal, were came in to existence lately. Rana rulers from initial phase did not pay attention to establish modern industries. Rana rulers focused on political, social and economic power in their hands. Their negligence was not only to establish new industries but also to maintaining the old cottage industries.According to the Nepal`s leading English daily newspaper Republica, Nepal`s exports grew by 13 percentages in first half of fiscal year 2017/18. Nepal`s top exports are hand knotted carpet especially which have high demand in Europe,GDP is heavily dependent on remittances. Nepal`s economic development in social services and infrastructure has no dramatic progress. Climate ChangeThe term global warming is rise in the average temperature of the Earth. Human being have caused huge amount of warming comparing to past centuries. Melting glaciers, rise of sea level, struggle of wildlife to survive are some of the results of global warming. Greenhouse gases and their levels are higher now than last 650,000 years. Global warming is causing a set of changes to the Earth`s climate, or long- weather patterns, that varies from place to place.KN 17005Rayamajhi DipendraMaster of International Human StudiesDepartment of International RelationsBorn and did secondary education from Arghakhanchi, Nepal. Graduated in English Education from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandus

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